How to Select a Top Watering Timer


A watering timer can keep your plants green and growing, along with your lawn. The convenient device can prevent over and under watering, and even keep your yard green when you are out of town. Designed to be easy and convenient to use, there are some aspects that you will need to consider and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you choose the best watering timer in 2019.

Best watering timer


According to the best watering timer reviews there are two types to consider, and the right one for you will depend on where you are going to mount it. Outdoor timers are weather resistant and designed to be mounted outside, while indoor models can only be used in covered areas. Outdoor timers also have the added advantage of being able to be converted for use inside, and often include more features than indoor models.



The best watering timer reviews recommend carefully considering the number of settings for programs and zones. The number of available programs will give you more options for watering at different times and can also be set to run on varying days. The number of programs necessary will often depend on the type of plants, and how often you want to water. You also want to consider the number of zones, which will usually depend on the size of your yard. Being able to set the timer to for individual zones ensures that all of your bedding and grass receives the right amount of water each week.



While your budget will help you determine which features are necessary there are a few that should be considered. Rain sensors can prevent over watering and help conserve energy, and are becoming common features on many popular models. Some higher priced timers let you adjust the watering schedule according to the seasons of the years. You can program it to run more often during the hot, dry summer months, and less frequently during the winter. If the timer also includes memory capabilities you can save your programs during a brown or black out. You might also want to consider a watering timer that includes protection against short circuits, and will automatically self diagnose when a problem is detected.


Top Rated Water Timers in 2019


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the best watering timers in 2019. Designed to make watering your lawn and landscaping convenient and easy, maybe one of these watering timers is exactly what you need to keep your yard green and thriving.


Orbit 27133 Digital Watering Hose Timer


1.Orbit Dual Valve Digital Watering TimerFeaturing a durable construction that is backed by a 6 year limited warranty and at an affordable price, there is very little not to like about this watering timer. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and you will love never having to worry about remembering to water your yard again.

One of the first aspects you’ll notice is that this timer has two outlets that are automatic, instead of the standard one. This lets you control two zones along with your sprinkle system, and you can still turn your hose on manually without interrupting the timer. It also features a weather proof construction that is ideal for outdoor mounting, and you will love how easy it is to connect to your garden hose. Simply program the device and turn the water on, and the timer will take care of the rest.

You will appreciate the brightly lit LED screen that is easy to read in almost any lighting, along with the digital display. The brass connector is designed to attach securely to your hose without leaking, and you will love the convenience of the rain delay function. Simply set the timer to delay watering in 24 hour increments so you can save money on utility bills, along with helping to conserve natural resources.

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Rainwave RW-94ZADT Electronic Watering Timer


2.RAINWAVE 4-Zone Electronic Watering TimerWhether you’re trying to seed a lawn or regularly water an established one this timer might have the flexible programming ability that you need. This also makes it a great choice for gardens with several types of plants, or for homes on well water that need to take regular breaks to let levels refill. You will also appreciate how easy and convenient it is to use, along with its durable construction.

There are 4 zones that can be programmed with up to four cycles for each one. This gives you a total of 16 cycles that will ensure every part of your yard and garden get the right amount of water needed. You can also program the timer to water certain zones intermediately, which is always an advantage if you are trying to seed a lawn.

The timer features a water proof design that can withstand strong storms, and it is easy to attach to most types of garden hoses. You also have the advantage of the rain delay feature which will automatically stop watering if moisture is sensed, and the bright LCD screen can be easily read in almost any lighting. Your settings will also be saved when it is time to change the AA batteries so you don’t have to reprogram the timer.

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3.Nelson Lg Watering TimerEvery aspect of this watering timer is designed to be easy and convenient to use. It can help prevent problems with over and under watering to ensure you lawn and garden are green and healthy. You will appreciate the large digital LCD screen that can easily be read in low and bright lighting. This watering timer also comes at an affordable price that is designed to fit almost any budget.

The durable plastic housing is designed to withstand storms and temperature changes, and the metal coupling attaches securely to your hose without leaking or stripping. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to attach firmly in place, and it can also be removed just as quickly. You will also appreciate the convenient placed controls that make it easy to find the right settings for your yard.

The manual on and off switch gives you complete control over the watering cycles, and you will appreciate the convenient rain delay feature. This prevents the sprinkler from turning on when there is a significant amount of moisture in the ground. As an added bonus you can also program the two outlets which are designed to run simultaneously or independent of each other.

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