If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best waterproof hiking shoes in 2019, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best lightweight waterproof hiking shoes by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, as well as what several expert review sites had to say about these units. Out of all the products we have analyzed, the Merrell Men’s Moab are the best as they are sturdy and durable, and can be used under various circumstances which may range from fishing to hiking. This model comes equipped with Vibram Lugs that are more than able to offer all the stability a user may need at some point or the other. This makes it possible for owners to benefit from good traction whether they walk or run on wet or dry terrain. If the Merrell Men’s Moab is out of stock, you could also consider the KEEN Targhee II as they are the second best choice available.



Buying guide


Hiking shoes are the lighter and version of boots intended for exploring the outdoors. They’ve become popular over the years as they don’t weigh in too much and therefore, they don’t ruin the hiking experience for the end-user. Plus, since they have a rather flexible sole, they allow buyers to benefit from a good degree of freedom. If you’ve been looking for the right product but hardly know what you should look for in a high-end alternative, just have a look at our buying guide.


Materials and construction

In most cases, hiking shoes can be made of leather, a combo of nylon and leather, and some of the models you’ll stumble upon are even vegan. Leather units are water-resistant and they tend to last for a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, they are rather stiff compared to their leather and nylon counterparts, which may be less durable but manage to take the cake when it comes to usability. Unlike leather, nylon is not impervious to the elements, which is why most manufacturing brands include a waterproof shoe liner to compensate for this apparent drawback. Vegan hiking shoes are critically acclaimed among vegetarians and vegans and they’re usually constructed without the use of any animal product. Most of them still manage to be weatherproof in spite of the fact that they have parts made of rubber and other synthetic materials. So, which one’s the right one for you?



Many a time, it’s difficult to order the right size if you intend to shop online and get a product you haven’t tried out before at a store. This is the reason we recommend checking out the size chart made available by the manufacturer and measuring your foot as judiciously as possible. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you had a look at what other buyers had to say about the sizing, so be sure to read some hiking shoes reviews.


Purpose and style

The best rated womens waterproof hiking shoes are different from the ones intended for men. Both the design and the fit may vary from one gender to the next, and that’s because the physical attributes of women aren’t the same as the ones of men. Consider whether you’re buying the shoes for yourself or plan to offer them as a gift. Find out all there’s to know about the size preferred by the person who’s supposed to wear the shoes.



Top Rated Waterproof Hiking Shoes in 2019


Some of the best waterproof hiking shoes are showcased below. All of these items are available for sale online, should you prefer Amazon or any other internet retailer. From what we have gathered, these models are some of the most popular ones, partly because they let users continue their hiking adventures without getting their feet wet, and partly because they’re durable and convenient.



Merrell Men’s Moab


1-merrell-mens-moab-waterproof-hiking-shoeWhile this option may not be the most affordable one you’ll stumble upon while sifting through the many alternatives that are available out there, it’s definitely worth every cent. The Moab is a waterproof hiking shoe that does exactly what it has been designed for, mainly keeping the foot of the user dry at all times. As for the sizing, you won’t have any trouble selecting the right one if you decide to choose this unit, given that over eighty percent of the people who have bought it have reported that it fits exactly as expected.

The model has been constructed out of a mix of leather and textile and features a synthetic sole. Both the leather and the mesh upper part are waterproof and the bellows tongue manages to protect your feet from getting dirty, by preventing the access of any debris. Over four hundred people seem to think the Merrell Men’s Moab is a high-quality product.


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KEEN Men’s Targhee II


2-keen-mens-targhee-ii-hiking-shoeIn spite of the fact that the Targhee II has a similar price to the one of the previously discussed option, it seems to be even more well-made. Depending on the size and color of your choice, you have a high chance of spending less than one hundred and forty dollars on this efficient pair of hiking shoes.

The Targhee II has been constructed using leather and it features a rubber sole. Besides, the model is easy to pull on and makes it possible for owners to be protected continuously, given that it also has a padded tongue and collar. The mesh lining is also weather-resistant, and it manages to contribute to the overall item durability and convenience. Until now, over seven hundred people took the time to write favorable Amazon reviews about the way the KEEN Targhee II has helped them complete their hiking sessions.


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KEEN Women’s Targhee II


3-keen-womens-targhee-ii-hiking-shoeThe Women’s Targhee II is virtually the same product like the one we’ve showcased earlier on, given that it’s a version designed for the use of women. This product has been constructed out of a combination of leather and fabric, but the fact that makes it waterproof is that it comes with a membrane that’s intended for putting up with bad weather. The rubber sole is present in this model as well as the one that’s being sold for men. Other impressive features about the Women’s Targhee II consist of a cushioned collar, a breathable mesh tongue, as well as aggressive lugs.

While these hiking shoes are more financially accessible when compared to some of their competitors, it might be worth noting that just sixty to seventy percent of the people who’ve bought them have reported that they fit as expected. Even so, this KEEN unit has managed to garner over four hundred favorable ratings over time.


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