In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best weed eater? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice.

We have been able to collect a lot of information about different products for sale by consulting expert review sites designed for landscape professionals and gardening enthusiasts and comparing the product claims with what is said in actual owner feedback. Out of all the different products we have looked at, we believe the BLACK+DECKER LST136W is the best because of how it offers the freedom of cordless convenience and top notch cutting efficiency. This is a weed eater and edger combo that ensures fantastic performance from the powerful motor down to the cutting string so you can complete your landscaping tasks easier and in less time. The exclusive BLACK+DECKER PowerDrive Transmission allows you to trim grass in areas that are not easily accessible, even where mowers simply can’t cut, all while ensuring maintenance of neat edging along concrete surfaces. Be assured of excellent runtime, superior power and versatility thanks to the 40-volt MAX lithium ion battery system that also works well with other tools within the same system. Should the BLACK+DECKER LST136W run out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option, the BLACK+DECKER LST420.



A Professional Weed Eater Buying Guide


If you’ve been having trouble managing your garden, you should look for the best weed eater of 2019. Making a safe choice depends on your personal preferences and on the features you’re looking for in such a device.

The only way of buying a product that never risks disappointing you is by reading the best weed eater reviews out there. We’ve put together a short yet informative buying guide to help you make up your mind about which model you need.



Weed eaters vary in shapes, sizes and number of features, which is why they could cost anything from $40 to $200. A good electric device will traditionally cost no more than $100, whereas its gas counterpart could be as pricey as $200.



The size of the model you’ll choose depends on how large your property is. If you intend to use it occasionally and on a limited area, we recommend you get a smaller size. Consequently, choose a weed eater with a diameter between 7 and 17 inches.  By contrast, if you’re the owner of a large-sized property and intend to manage the gardening by yourself, you may want to choose a bigger diameter of a weed eater.


Shape of the shaft

Shafts are either straight or curved. The curved ones are great for eliminating weeds from narrow spaces, as one might come across in the proximity of trees and bushes. The straight ones are an amazing choice for sidewalks, paths and even entire properties. Always think about your own needs before choosing a model over another.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power source Price Cutting swath Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Black & Decker LST136W

Electric $$$ 13 inch <5 lbs A AMAZON

Poulan Pro PP125

Gas $$$$ 17 inch 15.8 lbs B AMAZON

Weedeater 967184101

Gas $$ 16 inch 10 lbs C AMAZON



Power source

Nowadays, there are mainly three types of weed eaters. There’s the plug-in variant, which is friendly to the environment but requires an electric source at all times. Then, there’s the battery-powered weed eaters, which are usually lightweight and can be taken on the go. Finally, the gas-powered models are traditionally the most powerful ones, and can be carried around. The only disadvantage of choosing the last type is that they make a lot of noise and need fuels such as gas or oil.



Top Rated Weed Eaters in 2019


Based on the best weed eater reviews, we’ve concluded that the following models are some the right products you might want to buy.



Black & Decker LST136W


Black & Decker LST136WThis Black & Decker model is known as one of the best weed eaters of 2019. It’s a battery-powered device which usually costs less than $150, depending on the store you buy it from. It comes with a 40V Lithium battery and its own charger. Occasionally, you will need to use an electric source for charging the battery, but this is easy to perform when you’re at home.

The Black & Decker model is also one of the most powerful alternatives out there. Users can choose between two types of power. The maximum one (8500 RPM) is usually required to get rid of thick weeds, whereas the other one saves the life of the battery by utilizing the lowest power (6500 RPM).

The design of this product makes it possible for gardeners to enjoy their routine without needing to put up with any bumps or malfunctions. The manufacturer has a history of over 100 years of producing top-quality weed eaters. Buyers can enjoy a safe 3-year limited warranty with this one.

With more than 950 5-star ratings and many positive customer reviews, it would be difficult to ignore this particular model. Buyers claim it works impeccably and they speak highly of its versatility and power.


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Providing up to one hour of runtime on a full charge, the BLACK+DECKER LST420 is the best rechargeable weed eater you can find on the market. This machine features an innovative dual-mode switch that provides extra power that also translates to extra runtime. The component goes nicely with the unit’s patented POWERDRIVE™ transmission that enables it to handle tough overgrowth. Easily converting from a trimmer to an edger, this implement allows you to complete your landscaping tasks using just a single machine. The wheeled edge guide enables you to simply rotate it for conversion from a trimmer to a wheeled edger.

The two included 20-volt MAX batteries deliver a total of one hour of runtime when the dual mode switch is engaged, with each battery delivering 33 percent greater capacity compared to a standard LBXR20 20V MAX* battery.The dual mode switch ensures hassle-free control of power for high performance. A higher level of power is transmitted to the cutting string to enable faster job completion. Equipped with the Automatic Feed Spool, the machine feeds more trimmer line when needed without the need to regularly bump the cutting head against the ground. Boasting a lightweight design, the machine also comes with an adjustable handle and height positions to ensure optimal operating comfort and control.


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Weed Eater WE20VT


2.Weed Eater WE20VT

The battery operated Weed Eater WE20VT comes with a 20-volt lithium ion battery that delivers more than enough power to handle grass and weeds easily aside from providing up to 25 minutes of uninterrupted runtime. The 12-inch cutting width enables you to gain access to hard-to-reach areas. The Single Line Auto Feed Spool works with a 0.065-Inch Trimmer Line Diameter to more line to the cutting head without the need for bumping on the ground consistently. The revolutionary Twist-N-Edge feature and Edger Guide work together to provide easy edging functionality.

The tool also comes with a telescoping shaft and adjustable handle to enable effortless adjustment of height positions according to operator needs and preferred cutting orientations. This means you can share landscaping tasks with other members of the family. Because it runs on a rechargeable battery, this implement will not produce potentially harmful fumes and annoying noise while running. You also won’t have to contend with messy fuel mixes or regular oil changes just to ensure that the machine runs at optimal levels. Lightweight enough to be hung in the tool shed, this machine is quite easy to handle even when you have to move around your property to get the landscaping done. There is no power cord that can limit your mobility.


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Guaranteed tough, the DEWALT DCST920P1 comes with a wide 15-inch cutting swath plus 0.080-inch dual line to ensure fast completion of yardkeeping tasks. This machine is equipped with an innovative padded auxiliary handle that ensures operating comfort and control. Outfitted with a 400 MWO Brushless Motor, the machine ensures that energy delivery to the windings is efficiently communicated by a small circuit board. This direct electronic communication enables the machine to adjust intelligently to match the task being done while operating as fast as it can to complete the job and being more powerful on the average. Unlike brushed motors, the brushless one on this machine will not suffer from voltage and friction drop that can only slow you down and that can lead to lower energy efficiency.

Providing more torque while being able to maintain cutting speed under load, this model allows you to maintain control over the line feed rate, proving to be functional even when used with larger line diameters. Enjoy versatility and extended runtime thanks to the full variable trigger and the two-speed control that ensure better performance and complete power control for professional applications. The small Pro Style Guard allows you greater visibility along with hassle-free access to hard-to-reach areas.


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Husqvarna 128LD


4.Husqvarna 128LD

Amazingly lightweight at just 11.11 pounds, the Husqvarna 128LD is designed as a multipurpose machine that can be fitted with several attachments that serve as accessories. The 28cc engine carries enough fuel to complete your yard maintenance tasks in less time and using less effort. The machine boasts the revolutionary Smart Start® recoil system and fuel pump that provide easy starting every time, so you won’t have to do any cranking or string pulling just to get started with the job. Perfect for homeowners, this machine has an auto return stop switch that resets to the ON position automatically for hassle-free starting. Air is also removed from the carburetor and fuel system to ensure problem-free startups.

The machine also has a strong braided wire cable drive that delivers efficient power transmission from the engine to the cutting line for consistent cutting results. Equipped with the exclusively designed easy loading T25 semi automatic trimmer head, the machine provides automatic line feeding with simple tap-and-go functionality. Just bump the head to the ground to get more line in, so you can control when to feed more line while working. This also eliminates the need to shut the machine down or to release the head from its attachment just to manually feed fresh line.


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Poulan Pro PP125 – Not available


Poulan Pro PP125This Poulan model is clearly the best weed eater of 2019, especially if you’re looking for a gas weed eater. It comes with a 17-inch cutting width and a straight shaft, making it the greatest alternative for people who want to garden their properties. Although it might be a little heavier than other products of the line, it comes with a friendly price and an amazing performance. Multiple reviews speak highly of its power.

If this Poulan model is gas-powered, it doesn’t mean it’s complicated to use. In fact, it’s easy to put together and utilize, considering the fact that it features a heavy duty automatic clutch and a starting system which is known for being as simple as ever.

As in the case of other weed cutters, this one also comes with an extended warranty, considering it comes with a 2-year limited one.

Let’s see what customers had to say about their purchase. First of all, there are more than 150 people that thought this device is worthy enough to receive a 5-star rating. According to various buyers, it is one of the easiest weed cutters to start and manage. Having received some of the best weed eater reviews out there, we’re sure this is one’s a safe choice if you’re looking for a gas-powered weed cutter.



Weedeater 967184101


Weedeater 967184101This Weedeater model is among the cheapest products of the line. It might be cheaper than $110, but you clearly won’t be disappointed by this weed eater, especially because it’s received some of the best weed eater reviews.

In fact, its performance is remarkable, considering the fact that it comes with a 25cc 2-cycle engine. It is a gas or an oil-powered model, depending on your prefered fuel, and is known for requiring up to 2 gallons. Other specs include the 52-inches long shaft.

What’s typical about this device is the straight shaft. It’s easy to use and to maneuver, particularly if you intend on using it for larger properties.

Buyers claim that it is easy to install. Moreover, it’s one of the greatest choices when it comes to weed eaters, particularly because it gets rid of the hassle of charging and recharging a battery. Some customers emphasize the fact that it’s capable of trimming both small, medium and even large-sized weeds.

Although some of the individuals who have purchased the item claim it’s a little tricky to get it started in the beginning, most buyers consider it to be easy to use even for a person that doesn’t take to gardening.