If you don’t have the time to go through a lot of wine glass rack reviews and are only after a quick suggestion for a competent product, then the following short paragraph should prove edifying. After considering the wide set of demands the best rack for wine glasses is supposed to fulfill and analyzing customer feedback for a large number of products, our researchers concluded that the Mixologist World wine glass rack might make the best pick for the largest number of people from what’s currently available for sale. Designed around functionality, it has a very large glass capacity, and it sits under a kitchen cabinet to effectively take less space. Another thing that recommends it is chromium-plated iron used for the construction, which should give it better corrosion resistance than stainless steel. If you’re looking for something fancier, then the J&J Wire Contemporary might just fit your bill.



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Like with most other pieces of furniture, what we consider to be the best wine glass rack mostly comes down to our preferences. There’s too little place here to discuss the objective criteria of what would make for a “good” style, but the glass wine rack is also supposed to fulfill a functional purpose, for which criteria like durability and convenience should be taken into account.

Consider the type of rack that will best fit your purpose

Taking into account the way they’re placed around the house, there are three main types of wine glass racks, which we will discuss below.

The under cabinet rack is just what it sounds like, a frame, usually made of metal, that is installed under a kitchen shelf or cabinet to keep the glasses upside down, held by their extended base.

This is a highly convenient solution since it doesn’t take up any additional space in your kitchen and allows you to place the rack right next to the dishwashing area. They also tend to offer a relatively large storage capacity in very good conditions, as the glasses won’t catch any dust requiring you to rinse them before use.  

The under cabinet rack offers little in the way of aesthetics, however, and if you are after a set piece for your dining area, then you might want to look for a wall mounted holder. These are wooden, or metal frames that can be entirely practical, stylish, and everything in between, as being on display is a large part of their purpose.

Wineglass stands that don’t need to be fixed to any support are of course available. These cover a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be considered to be convenient, as they allow you to move the wine glasses from the kitchen to the dining room without having to use a potentially unstable tray.


Durability and material should also weigh in

If you opted for a practical rack, then you should expect it to hold up to some severe punishment. We’re not saying that a kitchen is a particularly violent place or that they are supposed to hold to any considerable amount of mechanical force because they won’t.

Wine glasses are a light load, and there’s little way in which someone can screw up manufacturing or installation to the extent that the rack will just fall to pieces. Water, however, will act as a constant corroding agent upon the rack’s frame, since it will serve as a place for the still dripping glasses to dry off.

To ensure that you’ll get years of service from your investment, always look for the most rust resistant materials. Stainless steel is the usual safe bet, but not all recipes for it are equally sound. The best results are given by alloys that have either nickel and chromium mixed with the composition. Chromium is also used for plating materials that are otherwise prone to corrosion and might make for a cheaper but equally effective alternative to newer alloys.  


Pay for what you need

Since style is sometimes an important factor for wine glass stands, their price isn’t always directly related to the quality you’ll get from it. Cheap stainless steel units can hold up just as well as magnesium or wrought iron set pieces with the only difference being that they don’t look as fancy.



Top Rated Wine Glass Racks in 2019


As we’ve said before, there’s little way in which the item itself could fail, other than by employing some poor quality materials, but thanks to today’s manufacturing processes, the right wood or metal for the job shouldn’t come with a very steep price tag.


Our Recommendations


Mixologist World Wine Glasses Rack


Although it bears a nice chromium polish that can be made even shinier with the special wipe it comes packaged with, this Mixologist World brand product heavily leans towards function. It’s an under cabinet frame, which can hold up to 18 regular wine drinking glasses on six columns.

It can be placed under any wooden, plastic or metal kitchen top, preferably near the sink or dishwasher so you won’t have to move around too much, and all the screws and bolts required for its installation come included in the package, so no trip to the hardware store will be required once this item arrives.  

Besides offering all the convenience of an under cabinet, the Mixologist World rack incorporates some very thoughtful design features that will make one appreciate it even more. For example, the vertical metal framing at the end of each column is roughly S-shaped, narrowing towards the bottom, so it acts as a block to the wide base of a wine glass, preventing it from accidentally sliding off.  

Iron was used for its manufacturing, which should make it durable and easy enough to straighten out if it gets bent, together with a chromium plating for adequate corrosion resistance.

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J&J Wire Contemporary


You can say that this J&J Wire wall hanging rack stands at the opposite side of the spectrum between form and function to the Mixologist World product we’ve looked at. It can only hold two glasses and three bottles of wine, but it has a very stylish look about it, reminiscent of a cubist painting.

We assume that its designers respected the right proportions so that it looks pleasant to the eye and the wrought iron construction gives it an air of reserved distinction that should go well with the somewhat minimalist setting used in contemporary interior design.

But one would be wrong to assume that looking pretty on the wall is all this item does. First, it is solid enough to support three standard size wine bottles, which should tell us enough about the high manufacturing standard od J&J wire. Second, it is practical for the sort of setting where you’ll only need two glasses and some fine wine to try out, like a nice quiet evening with a significant other.

Its design isn’t all dedicated to the shape either, as with a little ingenuity, you can place the bottles cork-down or standing, as some varieties of wine require to be kept.

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Oenophilia Fusion 


This standing rack from Oenophilia provides a good mix of both form and function with an elegant frame that can be used for holding up to 16 wine glasses together with a decanter. The arching lines of its structure are particularly pleasant to the eye and complement the shape of a wineglass well, but also serve as a means to give it additional support when holding to the weight of a heavy decanter.

Stainless steel was used for the frame, with a chromium plating to keep it from rusting and small rubber bits at the ends of the wiring to act as a stop for the glasses sliding off. It sits on four small rubber spheres that besides looking stylish will provide it with significant grip over a kitchen counter or dinner table.

As a novelty feature, the leg parts on this stand (which allow it 10” of clearance, enough for any regular wine glass) can entirely fold so it can be effectively stored in a kitchen drawer. As an added benefit, this will also allow for it to be placed in the top tray of a dishwasher.

Otherwise, it offers similar convenience to an under-counter, the glasses stay bottoms up to dry properly, it’s small enough to be placed on a countertop near a washer, etc.  

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