Top rated Wireless Barcode Scanners in 2019


I have a medium scale convenience store business and I am looking for a barcode scanner that would help me and my staff do checkouts and inventories easily. Since my store is not that large, a handheld barcode scanner will be enough. I’m thinking about buying a laser scanner since it is more common and definitely cheaper. I looked up the best wireless barcode scanner reviews online and found out five really cool products. You should check these out as well.


Inateck Laser Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


Best Wireless Barcode Scanner ReviewsThis laser wireless barcode scanner received a lot of positive feedback on the best wireless barcode scanner reviews because of its impressive Bluetooth protocols. You don’t need any adapters or conversions to do your inventories. It can cover up to 10 m of signal range. You can hook up mobile devices and tablets with this barcode scanner as well. It has enough internal memory to do at least 2600 data strings.

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TaoTronics® TT-BS009 Wireless Cordless Handheld Barcode Bar Code Scanner


If you need a wireless barcode scanner that has really strong decode capability, you should check out the TaoTronics wireless barcode scanner. It helps you in processing bulk items really quickly and effectively through its Batch mode operation. It can be powered using an adapter or a USB cable. This barcode scanner turns off automatically. This is a bi-directional scanner that can support up to 200 meters of communication distance. All these features make it the best wireless barcode scanner in 2019.

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TEEMI 1d Laser USB 2.0 wired + Wireles Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


This is a very conventional wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner that has an internal memory which can be expanded into 256 KB and has enough storage for 2600 barcodes. It has a square USB for its data interface which is very convenient for easy plugging. There is a Bluetooth adapter that is included in the package. You don’t have to install unnecessary apps or software to use it. It is very compatible with standard operating systems that is why it is the best wireless barcode scanner in 2019.

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TaoTronics TT-BS012 Wireless Cordless Handheld Bar-code Bar Code Scanner


Are you looking for an efficient wireless bar code scanner that comes at a very affordable price? The TaoTronics TT-BS012 is the perfect product for you. It can communicate effectively within a range of 30-50 meters without being disturbed by other devices. This is designed for very easy inventory with a memory that can store up to 1000 codes. It has replaceable batteries and the scanner is made of high quality materials, making it a very durable tool.

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Koolertron® Bluetooth Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner


Nothing works better than this top rated wireless barcode scanner in 2019. The Koolertron laser barcode scanner is compatible with a lot of standard operating system and it has an offline storage capacity of 2600 barcodes. This is a high-performance barcode scanner that has anti-interference properties as well as a decoding board. It has an impressive high-precision reading capability which you will surely find convenient for large inventories.

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