How to Buy a Top Wireless Gaming Headset


Wireless gaming headsets have improved dramatically in recent years. What used to experience problems with latency and have a battery that often died without warning in the middle of a level, is now a preferred choice among enthusiastic gamers. So you can stay connected with other players, and enjoy high quality sound we have included helpful tips in this buying guide so you can confidently choose the best gaming headset in 2019.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset


The best wireless gaming headset reviews recommend first deciding on a budget you are comfortable with. This will narrow down your choices, along with helping you decide which features are absolutely necessary versus ones that are nice to have. Wireless gaming headsets can range dramatically in price, and while you can find one that is dependable and affordable you don’t want to sacrifice performance simply to save money.



As stated in the best wireless gaming headset reviews you want to carefully consider the construction. You want the headset to be lightweight and durable, and comfortable to wear for extended gaming sessions. Adjustable headbands help to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, and added padding is always appreciated. You also want the headset to fit comfortably over your ears without pinching or irritating the sensitive skin.



Sound quality is important if you are using a headset for gaming, and this also includes the microphone. Not only do you want the headset to be able to reproduce rich full bass and sharp higher notes, you also want the voices to be crisp and clear. Not being able to hear the avatars voices during play can cause confusion and ruin the game. The attached microphone should immediately reproduce your audible commands clearly and concisely. Microphones with added controls for volume and tone can make it easier to clearly communicate with your avatar and other players. Some wireless gaming headsets are also designed to cancel out background noise, so your commands are always clearly heard. While your budget will play a role, it is possible to find an affordable wireless gaming headset capable of producing high quality sound.


Top Rated Wireless Gaming Headsets in 2019


Even though we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the top rated wireless gaming headsets for 2019. Priced to fit most budgets and give you amazing sound and hours of play time, maybe one of these wireless gaming headsets is exactly what you are looking for.


Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset


1.Logitech G930This wireless gaming headset is designed for comfort, and easy control. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems, along with the PS4. The headset is also extremely easy to set up, and you will love its impressive 40 foot range. Its wireless design lets you move freely around, while still answering calls and controlling your music and games.

With the adjustable headband you can easily find a secure fit, and the padding provides extra comfort. It also prevents the sturdy headband from pinching or digging painfully into your head. The ear cups are also padded for comfort, and have the added advantage of blocking outside noise. This makes it easier to hear phone calls, along with your music and games.

You will appreciate the included Dolby technology which ensures a crisp, clean sound, and the headset is also designed to be responsive and lag free so you never have to worry about missing a second of your game. The microphone features a convenient mute function, and will also cancel out distracting background noise. With three programmable buttons and affordably priced, it is easy to see why this headset is a favorite with avid gamers.

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Turtle Beach TBS-3240-01 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset 


2.Turtle Beach TBS-3240-01Featuring a lightweight and durable construction, along with a stylish design there is very little not to like about this wireless gaming headset. The lightweight construction is perfect for extended gaming sessions, and it’s durable enough to withstand occasional bouts of frustration. You will also appreciate how comfortable this headset feels, even after hours of game play. With an adjustable headband and padded ear cups, you can stay comfortable for hours.

The padded cups fit securely over your ears to reduce distracting background noise, and you will appreciate the 50mm speakers that ensure you can clearly hear every aspect of your game. The thin microphone is designed to stay comfortably out of your way, while still delivering amazing vocal clarity.

There are four equalizers that can be set to your exact specifications. You can enhance the bass or treble depending on your preferences, or mix the two for an exceptional high quality sound. You can also adjust the volume with the separate controls, and you will appreciate the included long lasting rechargeable battery. Not only is this wireless gaming headset affordably priced, you also don’t need to worry about purchasing replacement batteries.

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Corsair CA-9011127-NA Wireless Gaming Headset


3.Corsair CA-9011127-NAYou will love the 40 foot range, along with up to 10 hours of active gaming time with this wireless gaming headset. It features a lightweight and comfortable design that is perfect for extended gaming sessions, along with a durable construction. The cloth headband is designed to fit comfortable and securely without pinching, and it is also adjustable.

The headset features Dolby technology for high quality sound, along with 50mm drivers. This ensures that every note is crisp, and all of your audible commands are clearly heard. This also enhances the sound quality of your music, which is always an advantage. This headset also features a small, lightweight microphone that can be slide out of the way when it is not being used. The microphone will also pick up sound in any direction, and will cancel out any distracting background noise when you are talking.

Not only is the headband designed with your comfort in mind, the ear pads include memory foam. This prevents the headset from pinching, while ensuring that it cups your ear to prevent annoying background noise inference. With a two year warranty and its affordable price, this wireless gaming headset might be exactly what you are looking for.

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