In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best wireless microphone? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have accumulated plenty of information about this type of product for sale on the market by consulting numerous expert review sites for audio equipment along with the reviews and ratings for various products in actual owner feedback. Thankfully, after that thorough product comparison plus extensive research, we have been able to find what we believe is the best product in this specific category, the Hisonic HS120B. This model offers freedom of movement for live performers and lecturers with its powerful 40-watt speaker that delivers loud and audible sound even when the environment is not particularly conducive to listening, performing and speaking. The built-in rechargeable high-capacity battery is designed for outdoor activities and is easily replaceable. Undoubtedly the best wireless microphone system for teachers, this product comes with a built-in VHF wireless mic system plus an additional microphone input jack to allow students to participate actively in class discussions. Exceptionally portable, compact and lightweight, this unit can easily run out of stock because of its immense popularity and if that is the case, we highly recommend the second best option, the GTD Audio G-622H.



Comparison Table


Product Band  Price Items Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Hisonic HS120B

VHF $$$ 1 Included A+ AMAZON

GTD Audio G-622H

UHF $$$$ 2 No A AMAZON

Audio2000s 6032uf

UHF $$$ 2 No B+ AMAZON



Audio2000s Awm6112




Buying guide


Giving presenters and performers the freedom of movement across a stage thanks to the absence of a microphone cable, a wireless microphone system lets you capture the attention of your audience easily since you can move about and interact with people directly and easily. The performance stage is not the only environment where wireless microphone systems have become increasingly popular. They are now used in lecture halls, houses of worship, exercise and dance studios and anywhere there’s a need for performers, instructors and presenters to move about freely. What distinguishes the top rated products in the best wireless microphone system reviews?


Choose a suitable type for your needs

Perfect for most lead vocalists, a Handheld Microphone w/ Built-in Transmitter is engineered for stage events where a microphone has to be passed from one person to another during a presentation. This type features a wireless transmitter built into the system of the handheld mic, resulting in a less complex configuration with just two components in all: the wireless receiver plus the handheld microphone. Most microphone makers have produced wireless versions of their wired products to enable singers to maintain the level and quality of their sound when switching to the wireless unit.

A headset microphone with bodypack transmitter is perfect for singing drummers, singing dancers, fitness and dance instructors as well as any individual who needs to enjoy freedom of movement onstage. This type of product employs a microphone in a headset configuration that is linked to a bodypack transmitter that the user clips on their belt or anywhere they want on the body. A wireless receiver is also included.

A lavalier microphone with bodypack transmitter is commonly used for churches where worship leaders want freer interaction with church members. It can also be used by presenters and speakers as well as stage actors and for video characters who want their hands free when carrying out their acting routines during the performance. The lavalier microphone simply clips to your clothes and connects to the bodypack transmitter so it can transmit to the wireless receiver. Omnidirectional mics will do fine for public speaking in lecture halls and other quiet venues. However, in noisier settings where it can be difficult to be heard, such as a school gym for kids, a directional lavalier microphone should be used.

An instrument microphone and guitar system is geared for percussionist, woodwind and brass musical instrument players. The microphone is connected to the bodypack transmitter so if you hook the microphone to a set of conga drums for instance, you need to make sure that if the percussionist has the bodypack on, they will not walk away and detach one of the two components. An instrument microphone and guitar system employs a microphone optimized for instrument sound instead of the human voice. A beltpack transmitter plugs directly into the instrument. Aside from that, there is also a wireless receiver.


Choose the wireless system type that you prefer

Nearly all professional wireless systems run on either very high frequency (VHF) or ultra high frequency (UHF) bands. Generally operating within the 174 to 216 MHz range, VHF wireless systems use the range of TV channels 7 up to 13. The range for TV channels that UHF systems use is from 14 to 69, since they use the 470 to 805 MHz range. Typically, higher-end wireless systems use UHF bands, which are recognized for their greater transmitter range and less tendency to be prone to TV interference. Although this is a genuine advantage, it still has to be proven as a constant in this type of configuration.

By regulation, UHF-based systems are enabled with greater transmitter power. However, this doesn’t mean than any one given system really has more power compared to a given VHF system. VHF has less range than UHF but it’s not because of power. In reality, UHF signals just move more easily through the atmosphere. Besides, UHF has 8 times more frequencies available than VHF. However, with more segments of the UHF range being designated for digital TV broadcasting and public safety communications, the band is steadily getting crowded. Aside from that, the highest segment of the UHF range, which is above 900 MHz, is earmarked for general application purposes including garage door openers, cordless telephones and ham radio. This makes interference issues more pronounced for wireless use. In actuality, both VHF and UHF are growing more crowded but with digital processing technology, interference issues are still manageable at this point.


Diversity in circuitry and frequency agility

Circuitry diversity involves freedom from dropouts as well as reception. This is used as a selling point for wireless systems. One visible sign of diversity is the use of two antennas on the receiver component. However, not all dual-antenna receivers are characterized by true diversity. Receivers with true diversity circuitry are distinguished by their two independent radio receiver modules, with each one linked to its own antenna. If the system is intended for single-location use, such as in an open location for a house of worship, a true-diversity receiver won’t be fully optimized. However, if you intend to employ the system in different locations with structures that deflect or block wireless transmissions, diversity is essential.

Frequency agility denotes systems that come with several frequency paths for selection. One frequency may offer better results over another one in any given location while being free of interference from other competing signals coming from other wireless systems. Frequency agility enables more effortless use of multiple wireless systems simultaneously. Should more than one presenter or band member be using a wireless system, there has to be several frequency options. For multi-stage music festivals, a frequency-agile wireless system is vital. Meanwhile, a wireless system used in a single location without other wireless systems within the vicinity in operation will not necessitate frequency agility.

There are many different wireless microphones on the market, which leaves a clueless buyer overwhelmed with the choices. However, the above buying guide has been created to simplify your shopping experience. We have also showcased the best products below for even more buying assistance.



Top rated wireless microphones in 2019


Our recommendations




Best wireless microphone reviews

A growing number of the latest top rated wireless microphone reviews coming from thousands of satisfied users and technical engineers underline the solid built and efficiency of the HISONIC HS120B portable wireless microphone. The HS120B portable PA system has a compact size and light weight which allows the user to fully put on a show on stage with ease. The model has built-in rechargeable and replaceable high-capacity battery which is perfect for various outdoor activities. This is the reason it comes as no surprise to see so many people use HISONIC HS120B wireless microphone in the US and Canada.


Buy from Amazon for ($99.95)




GTD Audio G-622H


Today, the majority of the current top rated wireless microphone reviews, written by professionals and satisfied users emphasize on the fluid functionality and efficiency of GTD Audio G-622H 200 channel UHF wireless microphone mic system. The G-622H wireless microphone has over 100 selectable frequencies on each channel and also multiple units that can be used with ease simultaneously. GTD wireless microphone has a high-quality automatic frequency that scans to find and set the best available channel with clear audio response.


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Audio2000s 6032uf


Audio200s is a company known for its high quality microphones, all designed to offer positive results and no problems. To this extent the 603uf Dual channel wireless microphone makes no exception, combining the latest technological developments with sheer ingenuity. The model works on the UHF band 670MHz – 695MHz that complies with the latest FCC frequency rule imposed on all models. The operation range of the 6032uf microphone is of 300 feet outdoor and 150 feet indoor, without dealing with any restrictions. This is the reason most of the present top rated wireless microphone reviews give the model high marks.


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Considered the best wireless microphone in 2019 taking into consideration quality and efficiency men and women working in show-business, WMS-Pro wireless microphone from Azden delivers high performance every time it is used. The model offers fluid convenience and clear FM transmission thus allowing the user to enjoy clear and untethered sounds. Azden WMS-Pro has a transmitter and receivers that operate in the VHF band where interference is very small thus the clarity of the sounds are high. You should not use the microphone in high temperatures, humidity or near airports.


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Products which are no longer available



GTD Audio G-788H


More and more people consider the GTD Audio G-788H microphone as one of the best wireless microphone in 2019, due to its unique and solid design. The model comes equipped with 100 selectable frequencies on each channel and multiple units that can be used with precision simultaneously. GTD has an automatic frequency scanning system that can find and set most of the best available channels. Furthermore the microphone has an automatic transmitter setup and two XLR individual outputs and one ¼” mixed output.