How to Choose the Best Workout Balls


Workout balls are popular tools that are commonly used in muscle building and cardiovascular exercises. These fitness balls can also help athletes improve balance and stability, and relieve some chronic back pain. Before adding a workout ball to your daily exercises there are a few aspects to consider, and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you choose the right one.

Best workout ball


Workout balls can vary in price, and deciding on a budget can help narrow your choices. The price of the workout ball can help determine its stability, along with how well it can hold air and stay inflated. Some of the higher priced workout balls also include manufacturer’s warranties, which can be worth the added expense if you plan on using the equipment to stretch and strengthen sore or torn muscles. The price of the workout ball will also determine the size, which is another factor that should be considered before you make your final decision.



The best workout balls in 2019 feature a durable construction that will last through your daily exercises. Commonly labeled as “burst resistant”, these workout balls are designed to stay inflated during your workouts. Durable materials and sturdy seams can help prevent the ball from bursting and causing painful injuries, and it should have a weight limit listed. A durable construction that is resistant to bursting or deflating will also be better able to provide the firm support you need to improve muscle strength and tone during your workouts.



According to the best workout ball reviews size is an important aspect to consider. Stability balls are available in different sizes, and the right one for you will depend on your height and weight. You want the workout ball to be able to support your weight, and you should be able to comfortably place your thighs at a 90 degree angle parallel to the floor when you are sitting on it. Most exercise balls list the height it is was designed for next to the size to make it easier for you to find the right one for you.



While most workout balls include convenient air pumps so you can easily keep it inflated, there are some other features to consider. The best workout ball reviews also suggest choosing one that includes a workout DVD or beginner’s manual to help you get the most out of your exercises without causing any injuries. Included warranties are also appreciated and can give you additional peace of mind.


Top Rated Workout Balls in 2019


While we can’t choose the best tool to help you with your exercises, we can show you the top rated workout balls for 2019. Designed to be durable and sturdy, these exercise balls can give you the stability and balance you need to improve muscle tone and strength, along with your cardiovascular health.


Black Mountain 55cm Grey Gym Ball-P


1.Black Mountain 2000lbsAvailable in several sizes, this workout ball also features a durable construction. It is rated for use up to 2000 pounds, and is designed to be resistant to bursting during use. The dense material helps to hold air in, so you can get the most out of your workouts. It is perfect for use during abdominal exercises, and will provide the balance and stability you need to tone and strengthen core muscles. You can also loosen tight muscles, and improve your overall agility. Designed to be used at home or in the gym, you will also appreciate the included warranty and instructional manual.

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Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball


Gaiam Total Body Workout BallConstructed from durable rubber and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., there is very little not to like about this workout ball. It is available in several sizes to fit most heights, and it is also designed to be resistant to bursting. The strong rubber helps the ball to hold its shape, so you can stretch and tone back and abdominal muscles. You will also appreciate the included DVD, which gives you helpful tips and examples of additional muscle building exercises. The included pump ensures the ball is always ready to go, and since it features a burst resistant design you only need to add air once or twice a month to keep it firm and stable.

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Tone Fitness Stability Ball


3.Tone Fitness StabilityDesigned to be used by athletes at any fitness level, this colorful workout ball can improve your balance and strengthen important core muscles. It features a durable construction that is designed to stay firm, and its burst resistant design will help prevent painful injuries. It is constructed from a durable latex material that is also free from harmful additives and chemicals, and it is also designed to be resistant to punctures and tears. The included air pump lets you get started exercising right away, and you will also appreciate the included DVD that is filled with helpful workout tips.

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Wacces Fitness Exercise and Stability Ball


4.Wacces FitnessAvailable in several stylish colors and featuring a burst resistant design, this workout ball can help you improve muscle strength and tone. It is also ideal for Pilates and yoga, and this stability ball can also help you improve your cardiovascular health. It is capable of supporting up to 500 pounds, and can even be used to improve balance during some of your weight training exercises. You will also appreciate the included air pump that will keep this workout ball inflated at home or in the gym.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Anti-Burst Gym Ball


5.Sunny Health and FitnessThis workout ball is designed for athletes at any fitness level, and is safe for children and adults. It can help tone and strengthen core muscles, along with ones in your arms and legs. This workout ball can also improve stability and balance, along with helping to stretch tight muscles and prevent painful injuries. It features a durable, anti burst construction, along with an included warranty. The sturdy PVC material is resistant to punctures and tears, and it is also designed to flex instead of burst at the seams. Perfect for warm ups and workouts, you will also appreciate its affordable price.

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