Top rated Wrist Watches in 2019


Watches are undoubtedly a worthy investment, no matter how expensive they may be. Good thing there still are very affordable items you can buy on the market which has the same reliable quality that higher-end luxury watches possess. I also love collecting wrist watches, and listed here are five of the best products I found online while reading the best wrist watch reviews. I considered durability, functionality, and affordability. Check them out.


Nixon The 42-20 Chrono Watch


Best Wrist Watch ReviewsThe Nixon 42-20 chrono watch is one of the top products according to the best wrist watch reviews. I has a very clean and simple design which is also elegant and solid at the same time. For a watch at its price point, it surely has great features and reliable quality. You can wear it with any outfit you like. It is very fashionable and functional. It is not too heavy or too light. You can easily read the time because of its large dial.

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Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L “Eco-Drive” Leather and Titanium Watch


With a mix of vintage and modern style, the Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L titanium watch is considered as the best wrist watch in 2019. This is an eco-drive and light-powered watch that has a stylish leather strap and a very solid titanium construction. It has a very masculine structure and it easily complements with a casual or business look for you. It can charge in indoor as well as natural light through its eco-drive mechanism and it also has water-resistant properties.

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Casio Men’s PAG240T-7CR “Pathfinder” Multi-Function Titanium Watch


The Casio Men’s PAG240T-7CR titanium watch is perfect for sporty guys who love casual get-ups. This is perfect for outdoor events and even sport activities. It has solar power capabilities, a very solid titanium construction, and a protective crystal window made from high grade mineral. It sports a bi-directional bezel and it follows a quartz movement while using digital display. If you are looking for a mix of quality and style, this is the watch for you.

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Michael Kors Watches Lexington


When it comes to durability and functionality, nothing beast the best wrist watch in 2019 which is the Michael Kors watches Lexington. This gold watch is not just popular for its high-end brand in American luxury watch fashion but also for its functionality and reliable high quality. This particular wrist watch is made of gold stainless steel. It features a simple yet elegant design, while still maintaining its masculine vibe.

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Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E “Eco-Drive” Canvas Strap Watch


One of the most amazing wristwatches you can find on the market today is the BM8180-03E Citizen Men’s Canvas Strap watch. It is a top rated wristwatch in 2019 and it sports excellent features for a wristwatch at its price point. It has a very durable canvas strap that has high quality leather lining. This watch follows Japanese quartz movement and has a sleek military-inspired design. It is made of top class materials and has a very masculine vibe to it.

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