If you’re here just to find the best yoga gloves and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered plenty of information about the best yoga gloves by looking at the various products featured in the best yoga gloves reviews, then cross referencing each product’s merits and weaknesses with what actual owners say in their feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Kasp Exercise is the best because of its versatile design that allows use in a variety of sports activities, which means value for money. Designed with a durable built-in wrist wrap, the gloves provide necessary wrist support while being easily adjustable using the velcro fastening strap. You get all the palm protection you need in the gym during fitness workouts. Should the Kasp Exercise run out, we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best product, the Gaiam Yoga.



How to Choose New Yoga Gloves


Designed to provide support and protection during various fitness activities, yoga gloves are generally designed to prevent calluses and blisters that are often caused by repeatedly grabbing and gripping the floor or the exercise mat or even parts of your during various yoga poses. This type of gear also provides ample grip so you won’t lose your footing when you have to assume a certain pose during yoga sessions. The following elements distinguish the best yoga gloves of 2019 from ordinary hand gloves.

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Reliable grip and durability

You need yoga grip gloves that integrate some form of non-slip material in essential segments on the palm. Providing traction for gripping, the gloves should allow you to place your hands firmly on the floor or the yoga mat easily, perfect for sweaty hands. They should allow you to maintain proper form and control.

Good quality yoga gloves can withstand repeated and prolonged use. Made of durable fabric including nylon, cotton, polyester, silicone, neoprene, elastane or spandex, the gloves should be resilient against the strain of intense workouts and should not easily form tears or holes in the material. They should be able to soak up sweat effectively. Washability is a primary consideration too. Check whether the gloves are to be hand washed or are machine washable.


Good cushioning and support

Some yoga poses require you to support the weight of your entire body using your hands. Good quality yoga gloves are designed with wrist support to absorb some of the pressure from all the weight by effectively cushioning and protecting the wrists and hands to deliver comfort even under the most strenuous workouts. Ideal for pain in the palm and wrist, supportive yoga gloves come with adjustable wrist straps to ensure a nice and comfy fit and to enable tightening to achieve optimal support.

Some padded gloves feature gel cushioning as well as reinforced stitching, while others employ critical cushion positioning to allow the hands to provide whatever level of support is necessary. Despite the need for padding, you shouldn’t get overly bulky gloves that interfere with traction. You just need ample support and comfort.


Adequate breathability and flexibility

Your hands should enjoy freedom of mobility and not be restricted by the yoga gloves. Ideally, the gloves should be fingerless to allow your fingers to enjoy ease of mobility and unrestricted gripping. The gloves should be made of breathable material, preferably with mesh segments that allow maximum ventilation to prevent sweating. They should be flexible and able to absorb moisture away from the skin so you can complete your yoga workout in cool and clean comfort.



Top Rated Yoga Gloves in 2019


There are many yoga gloves available on the market, which can complicate the buying process even for the seasoned yoga practitioner. We hope the buying guide above has been able to provide valuable information to make the buying journey smoother. To help you make an easier decision, we recommend getting any of the products described below.



Kasp Exercise


1.Kasp Exercise GlovesThe Kasp Exercise gloves are equipped with wrist support straps that enable use for crossfit training, weightlifting, yoga, gymnastics, general and daily workouts. Suitable for both men and women and perfect for cross training athletes, these gloves can be used when doing muscle ups, pull ups, kettlebell swings and ring drips. Offering ample palm protection, the gloves help prevent the formation of calluses and blisters due to repeated gripping of different kinds of workout equipment. They come with a tough built-in wrist wrap that tightens to deliver maximum wrist support and ensure a snug fit. Enjoy unrestricted finger mobility with this one-size-fits-all pair made of lightweight flexible material.


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Gaiam Yoga


2.Gaiam Yoga GlovesDesigned with the yoga practitioner in mind, the Gaiam Yoga gloves let you enjoy the benefits of a yoga regimen while eliminating the need for a yoga mat. Equipping your palms with the power of yoga, these gloves let you maximize yoga practice with their all-grip and no-slip design that helps you maintain proper form and posture throughout your yoga routine. They come with a strategic finger-and-palm traction design along with a non-slip surface that works every time to raise your stability and balance. The one size fits all style is due to the flexibility of the materials that include elastane, nylon and cotton. The material effectively absorbs sweat while being easily machine washable in cold water.


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Mato & Hash Exercise


3.Mato & Hash Yoga PilatesYou can’t hold support-intensive yoga poses easily on an already sweat-slicked yoga mat, but with the Mato & Hash Exercise gloves, you can achieve great form and posture effortlessly. These yoga gloves carry an innovative grip pattern that focuses on palm and finger traction to allow you to hold a pose and not slide out of position awkwardly. These gloves don’t ride up so you can maintain your grip while being confident of balance and stability on any surface. Perspiration is effectively absorbed by the cotton and polyester fabric blend. The fingerless design lets you feel the surface you are touching and enable freedom of movement of the fingers.


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Fit Four The Neo Grip


4.The Neo Grip GloveConstructed of rigid and durable materials including neoprene and silicone, the Fit Four The Neo Grip gloves are geared for yoga, workouts of the day, pull ups, fitness and weightlifting exercises. Offering supreme cushioning and comfort, the gloves make use of high density quality neoprene in their construction, which ensures a snug and comfy fit while protecting the hands from developing blisters and calluses. The gloves feature innovative hexagonal-shaped silicone grip pads that ensure slip-free traction, easy mobility and overall protection and comfort. The minimalist fingerless design allows you to have a solid feel of the surface you put your hands on and to enjoy unrestricted movement.


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Stargoods Yoga


5.Stargoods Yoga GlovesOffering genuine value for money, the Stargoods Yoga gloves are sold in a pack of four so you can use different color gloves everyday at yoga training. Engineered for comfort, the yoga gloves are constructed of high quality breathable cotton that effectively absorbs perspiration to ensure a completely fresh and cool feeling while you go through your entire yoga routine. The gloves are equipped with a non-slip rubber grip dot design that keeps your hands anchored on the yoga mat or floor to enhance your stability and balance while shielding your hands from the abrasive surface. These gloves are the perfect size for easy transportability and are machine washable.


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