If you’re here just to find the best yoga knee pads and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered plenty of information on the best yoga knee pads on the market by looking at ratings in expert review sites and verifying the claims based on actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, the SukhaMat Yoga is genuinely the best because of its extra wide design that helps alleviate yoga knee pain along with wrist pain and elbow pain when doing Pilates, abdominal rolls and other exercise routines. The knee pads provide cushioning for pressure points by protecting them from abrasion and the hard floor surface while maintaining stability and balance. Lightweight and portable, the knee pads easily roll up with a full-size yoga mat for convenient carrying. If the SukhaMat Yoga is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option, the RatPad Eco-foam.



How to Choose a New Yoga Knee Pad


Sure, you have your yoga mat to provide a good surface on which to do your yoga routine without touching the floor directly, but what protection do you have for your knees? The knees have to be shielded as well, as the mat does not fully protect them especially when you already feel pain. Knee pads also help ensure balance and stability on the yoga mat so you can stay long in a pose without losing your grip. The following elements ensure that you truly have the best yoga knee pads of 2019.

A.1 Best yoga knee pads of 2019 1000

Ample thickness

The top rated products featured in the best yoga knee pad reviews boast sufficient thickness that ensures an adequate level of comfort. Extremely thin material will result in banged up knees when you get into certain yoga poses such as the crescent lunge. On the reverse side, overly thick knee pads will not allow you to feel the floor so you may wobble when you do the Tree Pose. Make a compromise by going for enough thickness, perhaps 5 mm, and balance that with stowability, as you still want to able to store the knee pad easily in your gym bag. Other models are 15 mm thick for greater cushioning.


Reliable traction

The best knee pads for yoga should keep your knees from sliding around, which is especially important in retaining certain yoga poses, such as when you do backbends on your knees. You can choose from a smooth feel to a textured one depending on your preference. You may want a sticky texture, but make sure it’s not too grippy to disable sliding or gliding to specific poses. Get a balance between stability and mobility, as you can’t afford to stay stuck to the mat. You also want to be able to maintain your alignment as you move from pose to pose and when holding poses for several seconds.

Bear in mind that overall comfort is influenced by texture. Texture affects the way your knee pads feel. Bumpy textures will not be ideal for those who are extremely sensitive to such components. However, for those who are not too sensitive, raised textures can contribute to helping you stay put no matter how intense or sweaty the routine becomes.


Environment- friendly construction

Gel knee pads for yoga offer shock absorbing properties along with comfort. They offer a superb resistance structure for top rated comfort and prolonged support. Yogis generally prefer eco-friendly materials in their gear, so organic cotton, natural or recycled rubber and jute are great options. The knee pads should be durable for years of use. They should be easy to clean and can withstand intense use. You can easily throw the knee pads in the washer and not worry that they’ll end up tattered and torn after washing.

The fabric should be moisture wicking and breathable as well to help you stay dry, comfy and cool. The material should not be irritating or itchy either but soft and smooth, which ensures problem-free direct contact with your skin as well as hassle-free wearing with yoga apparel. Some knee pads are made with advanced memory foam, enabling them to keep a low profile and a sleek design with no ugly external plastic shells. More comfortable and shock absorbing than any material, advanced memory foam offers a progressive resistance structure for extended support and optimal comfort.



Top Rated Yoga Knee Pads in 2019


There are plenty of yoga knee pads on the market, so choosing just one pair can be a huge challenge. We hope the above buying guide will help you make a more informed buying decision. We have showcased the best products below to help you enjoy a smoother shopping journey.



SukhaMat Yoga


1.SukhaMat Yoga Knee PadDesigned for travel, the SukhaMat Yoga knee pad is 15 mm thick to deliver more than adequate cushioning for a pain-free yoga or exercise experience. Designed to cushion the knees, ankles and sit-bone, the knee pad protects other sensitive pressure points as well while serving to complement a full-size yoga mat. Practice in comfort on the high-density NBR foam material that is lightweight and easily portable, giving the knee pad an incredible weight of just 12 ounces. This knee pad has a ridged surface that helps it roll easily into a travel-friendly, compact unit to make a good travel mat while giving you enough traction.

The knee pad can be used not only for yoga but also for Pilates, ab roller and other exercises that require relief on pressure sensitive areas. This item is phthalate-free and latex free and made of biodegradable materials. The knee pad alleviates knee, elbow and wrist pain and is made extra wide to help you maintain stability and balance.


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RatPad Eco-foam 


2.RatPad Eco-foam yoga knee padBuilt with extra padding to support you through those tough poses, the RatPad Eco-foam yoga knee pad helps maintain stability while enhancing comfort. Working nicely together with your yoga mat, this knee pad features a closed cell construction that ensures it won’t absorb moisture, so you feel cool and comfortable during your exercise. The knee pad helps alleviate discomfort while you go through your yoga routine. It comes with an ideal cushion density that protects your knees, elbows and wrists from too much pressure when you get into difficult poses.


This knee pad can be easily cleaned with water and dried with a towel. It can absorb your entire weight while you practice, keeping the pressure off your joints. The non-toxic, moisture-proof foam material is photodegradable and recyclable for earth-friendly functionality. The knee pads offer just the right amount of cushioning so you won’t be kneeling directly on the floor and still get a feel of the surface for balance.


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3.YogaJelliesCreated and designed in the USA, the YogaJellies come in a set of two so both your knees are protected during yoga practice. Flexible and lightweight, the knee pads are basically 5.5-inch gel-like discs that offer an impressive resistance structure to cushion the knees and help prevent knee pain. They can also be used to cushion the wrist and elbows in various yoga poses to relieve pressure. The knee pads have a latex-free and non-toxic construction to ensure environmental friendliness. They feature a silicon-based material that delivers enough softness, traction, support and stability so you can easily maintain balance even through challenging yoga poses.

The knee pads can be used for exercise, physical therapy program, pilates and yoga. They serve well under the weight-bearing parts of the body including the elbows, wrists, hips, hands and knees. Designed and created in the USA, these knee pads shield different parts of your body from pressure when they have to bear your body weight.


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