In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best yoga massage ball? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have collected plenty of information about yoga massage balls on the market thanks to the data provided in the best yoga massage ball reviews along with what actual owner feedbacks have to say about specific products. Out of all the brands and models we have looked at, the Mandala The Yoga Massage is undoubtedly the best because the balls in the set are very effective at eliminating knots and tension in the muscles using a gentle massage.. The balls employ your own body weight to take away tension in tight areas for stress-free roll away of tight and sore spots via innovative self healing. They also let you deepen your yoga practice for more potent benefits. Should the Mandala The Yoga Massage be unavailable, we don’t recommend to hesitate the second best option, the Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller’s Therapy.



How to Choose a New Yoga Massage Ball


Using the best yoga massage ball of 2019, you basically utilize your own weight to knead away the tension and knots from your muscles. They work through body rolling, promoting flexibility by using your weight to coax the stress out of your muscles. Aching muscles will feel soothing relief from the soft touch the balls provide. Through trigger therapy, the small, lightweight balls let you do your own deep tissue massage. Here’s what to look into when buying this kind of gear.

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Suitable size for body part

The choice of size depends on the specific part of the body the balls will be used for. A yoga foot massage ball can be used on the feet, forearms and hands. Ideally, they are the size of a lacrosse or golf ball. This can mean a diameter of 42.7 mm (golf ball) or 63 mm (lacrosse ball). If you intend to use the balls to treat the hamstring muscles, along with the abdominal, buttocks, upper and lower back, the neck and deltoids, the massage balls should ideally be the size of a lacrosse or tennis ball or a baseball. Baseball sizes run to 73 mm, and tennis ball sizes are 67 mm. 4-inch massage balls work best for use on the chest and shoulders.


Suitable weight and shape

A heavier ball will not move around easily when you apply your body weight to it. A solid, hefty ball works better compared to hollow or inflatable ones thanks to their greater weight. A heavy ball is not inclined to deform too easily with application of body weight. When you use a ball on your neck, you will want it to be smooth and round for effortless control of its movement when you start rolling on it. You can’t focus on massage rolling if you have to continuously hold the ball in your hand. It is your body weight that holds the ball in place, providing necessary pressure that makes the ball truly functional. Bumps and spikes may look interesting but they add no functional value to the massage ball. Though tiny bumps may improve grip when you are sweaty from your workout, they are not a strict necessity in yoga massage balls.


Reliable grip and hardness

Good quality yoga massage balls boast a good grip, which ensures less sliding or slipping on the wall or wood floor or even against your skin. This ensures effortless control of movement because the ball won’t suddenly slip out from under you or fall. Natural rubber material offers good grip. Different body parts respond differently to different hardness levels of yoga massage balls. To develop health and flexibility in body tissues, harder massage balls are ideal. Injured body tissues are best massaged using softer balls. Hollow and solid balls can have the same hardness rating but offer a different feel.



Top Rated Yoga Massage Balls in 2019


You have a wealth of choices on yoga massage balls, but this can make the buying process more challenging. We have designed the buying guide above to help make you a more educated buyer. We have also showcased the best products below for a smoother buying experience.



Mandala The Yoga Massage


1.Mandala The Yoga MassageGreat for yoga therapeutics, myofascial release, prenatal massage, yin yoga, stress relief and relaxation of tight muscles, the Mandala The Yoga Massage balls help coax away muscle tension and knots using gentle massage through employment of your own body weight. The balls can be placed on body areas that feel tight and tense, and can be used to allow gravity to do the job on your knotted muscles. The balls let you roll away tight and sore muscles the natural way via self-healing. They deliver cross friction massage and myofascial release on the frequent stress points of your body.

Helping deepen your yoga practice, the massage balls enable you to achieve natural recovery from an injury and can offer safe prenatal massage as well. Sturdy and smooth, the balls are manufactured using strong, solid rubber. Providing greater support compared to standard tennis balls, they rub out tension from the top of your neck to your sacral area, from the base of your spine to your toes. Thanks to the dense rubber material, the gentle massage gets delivered deeper into the fascia for superb release of tension and knots.


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Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller’s Therapy


2.Yoga Tune UpRecommended by pain specialists, chiropractors and physical therapists, the Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller’s Therapy massage balls boast a special rubber construction that grips and grabs the skin for slippage-free use. Measuring 2.5 inches in diameter, the yoga massage balls provide a focused trigger point therapy delivered through self massage to relieve pain and muscle tension. The balls help you go through targeted movement routines to penetrate deeper through the skin layers to the muscles for deep massage into knotted areas.

These massage balls offer a reliable firmness that helps deliver deep massage while being flexible enough not to be abrasive or injurious to your skin. The balls are to be placed between the body and a hard surface, such as the floor or wall, and the user simply rolls against them. This rolling action dislodges the knots and tightness in your muscles, thus improving flexibility and relieving pains and aches.


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Serenity Yoga Massage and Therapy


3.Serenity Yoga Massage and Therapy BallsDesigned to be truly therapeutic, the Serenity Yoga Massage and Therapy balls are constructed of a special material that makes them firm yet springy. Helping enhance your yoga practice, the yoga massage balls help your muscles get relief from knots and pain to give you peace and serenity. Serving as the ultimate tool for myofascial release, the yoga massage balls help get rid of shoulder pain, upper and lower back pain, neck pain, hip and glute pain. They also release the stiffness, massage away ankle stiffness, calf pain, leg and knee pain and Achilles pain.

A perfect addition to any massage-at-home kit, these balls each measure 2.5 inches, which ensures effortless use with any part of the body. The included carry bag enables easy transport. They help enliven your yoga practice and also make a fantastic alternative to your regular tennis ball. These yoga massage balls are perfect for yoga therapeutics, deep tissue massage, recovery from an injury, prenatal massage, yin yoga and myofascial release.


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