How to Choose the Most Comfortable Yoga Shoes


Yoga exercises are often performed without shoes and socks, but this might not also be comfortable or even sanitary. The mats can breed germs and bacteria which can cause foot problems to develop overtime. If you need a comfortable pair of shoes for your yoga class, there are a few aspects you’ll want to consider. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you find the best yoga shoes in 2019.

Best Yoga shoes


According to the best yoga shoes reviews the construction is one of the most important aspects. You want to choose a pair that is durable and comfortable, along with easy to get on and off. Soft fabric straps can help keep the shoes securely on your feet, without causing any irritating rubbing that can ruin your concentration. A padded foot bed is always beneficial and can add an extra layer of comfort and support, while shoes constructed from leather are flexible and durable.



While the best yoga shoes reviews agree that you want to choose a pair with a style you love, the pair should also be designed to fit comfortably on your feet. Your personal preferences will often determine which style of yoga shoes is best for you, and if you plan on wearing the footwear during other activities. Flip-flops are the easiest to slip on and off, while slip on shoes with drawstrings can give your ankles a little extra support.



Yoga shoes with rubber soles will provide you with plenty of traction which is always welcome when you are walking on slick gym floors, and mesh liners will keep your feet cool and comfortable during class. Soft suede foot beds feel great against your feet, and can help you concentrate on centering your mind and body. There are also yoga shoes constructed from neoprene, which gives you the added advantage of a waterproof design.


Top Rated Yoga Shoes in 2019


While we can’t choose the right footwear for you, we can show you the top rated yoga shoes in 2019. Designed for comfort and style, maybe one of these pairs of yoga shoes is exactly what you need for your next class.


Sanuk Women’s Yoga Shoes


1.Sanuk Women's Yoga ShoesAvailable in several great colors that will help improve your mood and benefit your next yoga class, these flip-flops are designed for comfort and style. When your feet are happy it is easier for you to relax and get the most out of your yoga class. The fashionable design makes it easy to wear these shoes almost anywhere, and once you feel how comfortable they are on your feet you might not want to take them off again.

These flip-flops feature a soft fabric thong that fits comfortably between your toes. The soft material won’t rub or irritate your feet, and it also wraps securely around your heel for comfortable support and protection. The shoes are incredibly easy to slip on before the class starts, and will prevent any germs and bacteria on the mat from getting on your feet.

The stylish wrap around design of the strap gives this classic flip-flop a touch of elegance and class, while the soles of your feet will love the feel of the padded foot bed. The surface of the foot bed is similar to a traditional yoga mat, and the lightweight padding helps to cushion your feet during standing exercises. The soft material will also stretch to provide a secure and comfortable fit during your exercises. Perfect for yoga classes or everyday casual wear, you will love how comfortable your feet feel when you’re wearing these yoga shoes.

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Ahnu Karma Yoga Shoes


2.Ahnu KarmaDesigned like ballet flats and amazingly comfortable, there is very little not to like about these yoga shoes. The cute design can be easily worn almost anywhere, and you’ll love all of the compliments you will receive. These yoga shoes are designed specifically with comfort in mind, and you’ll also appreciate its durable construction.

These shoes feature a durable leather construction that is also flexible. The soft material will bend with your foot’s natural movement, which is essential in a pair of yoga shoes. The sides and bottom of the shoes are covered with¬† plush suede, including the supportive heel to prevent irritating rubbing. The heel will also collapse down so you can easily pack these shoes with the rest of your gear.

The rubber sole provides just the right amount of traction to keep you safely on your feet, and you will appreciate the padded foot bed when you are standing on the hard gym floor. These stylish yoga shoes also feature a slight 0.75 inch heel that provides additional support and comfort. Designed for yoga classes but stylish enough to wear anywhere, it’s easy to see why these shoes are a top seller.

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The Wave Women’s Yoga Shoes


3.The Wave Women's Yoga ShoesThese slip on shoes are perfect for yoga, and feature a waterproof design that is ideal for the beach or pool. The stylish colors are fun and easy to match with almost any exercise outfit, and its durable construction will last through years of continual wear.

You will love how comfortable the neoprene fabric feels as it bends and flexes with your feet, along with its waterproof design. The mesh liner provides plenty of cooling air flow, which is always an advantage when you are concentrating on holding your position. The shoes are easy to slip on your feet, and the included drawstring ensures that you have a comfortable and secure fit. The shoes also feature a rubber sole for plenty of traction.

These yoga shoes are perfect for class and daily wear at the beach or pool. The comfortable rubber sole will provide plenty of traction on slick surfaces, while the adjustable drawstring ensures a perfect fit. You will also love the breathable construction that will flex and bend with your foot’s natural movements. Affordably priced and designed to last for years, you will love how comfortable your feet feel in these yoga shoes.

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