What to Consider When Buying a Yoga Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is essential to your health and well being, especially when you are working out. Whether you are participating in high impact aerobics or trying to center your mind and body with Yoga classes, you need to drink plenty of fluids. While gyms and fitness centers all have a few water fountains scattered around and some even have concession stands with overpriced bottled drinks there is an easier and less expensive solution. With the informative tips included in this buying guide you will be able to find the best yoga water bottle in 2019 so you can easily stay hydrated during your next exercise class.

Best Yoga water bottle


The best yoga water bottle reviews recommend choosing one that features a durable and lightweight construction. You want the water bottle to be easy to carry in a backpack or gym bag without adding a lot of extra weight. Yoga water bottles constructed from stainless steel can last through years of exercises classes, while some made from a Tritan polyester blend are environmentally friendly and often lighter in weight.



As stated in the best yoga water bottle reviews you also want to carefully consider the design. Not only do you want it to look great, but it should also be convenient and easy to use. Tightly locking lids can prevent messy spills in your gym bag, and water bottles with a pour spout are easier to drink from while you are working out. Some yoga water bottles are also designed with convenient wrist straps to make it easier to carry.



Yoga water bottles that are insulated are perfect for keeping fluids hot or cold, which can be important if you frequently find yourself exercising outdoors. Outer finishes that help prevent the bottle from sweating will make it easier and more convenient to pack, and some products even include a manufacturer’s warranty. Yoga water bottles that are dishwasher safe are easy to clean, and some even feature an include infuser so you can make your own nutritious flavored drinks.


Top Rated Yoga Water Bottles in 2019


While we can’t choose the right product for you we can show you some of the top rated yoga water bottles for 2019. Affordably priced and designed to be easy and convenient to use, maybe one of these water bottles is exactly what you need to stay hydrated during your next yoga class.


Hydro Flask W40001-PARENT Insulated Water Bottle


1.Hydro Flask InsulatedNot only is this 40 ounce water bottle affordably priced, you also have the advantage of the included warranty. It is designed to last for a lifetime, and you will also love knowing that 5 percent of the purchase price is donated to your favorite charity. The stainless steel construction won’t break or crack even when it is packed with the rest of your gear, and it is also free from BPA and other harmful chemicals.

The stainless steel water bottle features a matte power coated finish that not only looks great, it also helps prevent the outside of the container from sweating. This will keep moisture and condensation from getting onto your close, along with making the bottle easier to grasp and hold on to. It is also insulated to keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours.

You will love how easily the slim water bottle fits in your backpack or gym bag, and the tightly locking lid will prevent messy spills that can ruin your gear. The wider mouth makes it easier to drink from when you are working out, and the cap also attaches securely to the bottle so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

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Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle


2.Embrava 18ozThere is very little not to like about this yoga water bottle, including its number one rating from satisfied consumers. Its 18 oz size is perfect for keeping you hydrated, and is incredibly easy and convenient to pack. Its durable Tritan and polyester construction is durable and environmentally friendly, and you will also love knowing that this water bottle is free from harmful BPAs and other dangerous particles.

This yoga water bottle features a slim and sleek design that not only looks great, it is also easy and convenient to use. The lid securely attaches to prevent annoying spills, and you will appreciate the convenient wrist cord. Simply slip your hand through the cord and you can easily take this bottle with you where ever you go.

The lid is also extremely easy to pop open, which is always an advantage when you are exercising. The top flips open for easy access, and you will appreciate how fast the liquid flows when you are hot and thirsty. Designed to be durable and lightweight, you will love being able to easily stay hydrated during your workout with this yoga water bottle.

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Avoin Colorlife Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


3.AVOIN Colorlife 27ozThis yoga water bottle features a durable construction and innovative design. The clear canister is constructed from a strong Tritan material, and is resistant to cracks and leaks. The see through design is perfect when you are using the included infuser, and you will also appreciate its BPA free construction.

It is designed to keep beverages hot or cold for hours, and the lid securely fastens on to prevent messy leaks and spills. Is narrow design also fits comfortably in your hand, along with making this water bottle incredibly easy to pack. The tightly locking pour spout will help you stay hydrated and refreshed, and you also have the advantage of the infuser.

The infuser can be easily removed so you can continue to use it as a water bottle, and is perfect for use with fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients. Instead of spending money on expensive vitamin infused drinks, you can quickly and easily make your own with this water bottle. While it should be hand washed to prevent any damage, its ability to infuse fruit and other ingredients make it easy to see why this yoga water bottle is popular with many health conscious athletes.

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