If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best yogurt maker money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know.. We have gathered a lot of information about the best yogurt makers on the market based on owner feedback, expert site reviews, price, and value-for-money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Euro Cuisine YM80 is the best because of its amazing cooling feature that follows the fermentation process, saving you the bother of hurrying to place the yogurt inside the fridge. This machine can produce up to seven 6-ounces individual cups which you can flavor differently. The time display provides you with the possibility of choosing and controlling the processing time, and all this at a surprisingly low price. The YM80 works with a lot of milk varieties, from raw milk to almond or soy specialties so that you can create your favorite delicious snack in your own kitchen. It also comes with a three-year warranty, and you can rest assured you will be making the healthiest yogurt with this BPA-free appliance. If the Euro Cuisine YM80 is out of stock, you should consider the Cuisinart CYM-100 as the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Electric – Manual Price Capacity Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Yogourmet 104

Electric $$$$ 64 oz 1 year A+ AMAZON

Euro Cuisine YM100

Electric $$$ 42 oz No B+ AMAZON

Euro Cuisine YM80

Electric $$ 42 oz 3 years A AMAZON

Euro Cuisine YM260

Electric $$$ 64 oz 3 years B AMAZON

Cuisipro Donvier

Electric $$ 60 oz 1 year C AMAZON



Buying Guide


Buying a yogurt maker can be a clever way to avoid the presence of preservatives and other less healthy substances in your daily snack. While consulting your budget is probably going to help you determine which model to choose, there are other features one can appreciate, which can really make the difference between yogurt makers that belong in the same price range.

Cuisinart CYM-100

Single Container  or Individual servings and Capacity

It is imperative to think about how much yogurt you and your family usually consume, in order to calculate how large the yogurt container has to be. Different machines will produce different quantities, depending on the container capacity. You should consider the number of people you want to feed and how often they consume this type of product. It is also possible to create several different portions at once, using an individual serving yogurt maker with glass jars, making it possible to give each serving a different, yummy flavor.


Controls and time display

Some models allow you to set a different fermentation time depending on the yogurt recipes you wish to make. You can also check the display to see how far into the process the batch is, and how much time you will have to wait before the yogurt is finished. And if you want to govern the whole operation, you can look for a yogurt maker with temperature controls. These features simplify your work and regulate the processing according to your needs and the time you are willing to invest in this project.


Automatic Turn-Off and Alarm

Yogurt makers can sometimes have an automatic turn-off feature, which allows it to stop working as soon as the “cooking” required time has expired. This characteristic comes extremely helpful, as fermentation usually takes up to 8-10 hours or even more, depending on the temperature. When your machine stops on its own, you can light-heartedly dedicate yourself to other activities, including getting a good night sleep. Some models even come with a shut-off alarm to notify you when the machine has finished doing its job.


Chilling function

Even more exciting is the chilling feature that makes the machine switch to refrigerator mode once the set fermentation process is over, avoiding alteration due to temperature. Some models perform this function for a limited period, but others are built to wait for you to turn them off, which means you can eat your dessert directly from the

Of course, you can detach the plastic container or the glass serving cups and place them into your own refrigerator, but having this feature really helps you manage when you have a tight schedule.


Cleaning options

Another thing to consider when buying a yogurt maker is how easy it will clean after use. A single, large container will obviously be simpler and less time consuming to clean, while washing 6 or eight cups might prolong your chore. The apparatus itself will need regular cleaning as all kitchen items tend to get splattered and dirty with time. You can avoid this type of trouble by choosing a yogurt maker that has machine washable parts, which will save you a lot of time and energy.

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

Electric or electricity-free

Since yogurt making requires a controlled, steady temperature, you can choose an electrically powered machine or a non-electric appliance. The latter functions with the help of hot water that surrounds the yogurt container, or just a strong thermic insulator that protects the container from losing heat. While it is eco-friendly, an electricity-free appliance might be more time-consuming and make it more difficult for you to control the process. An electric machine, even without a time display or an alarm, will let you see the actual yogurt while it’s cooking since most of them have transparent lids.



Top rated yogurt makers in 2019


Other things you might want to check when making your decision include the size and shape of the machine and the amount of power it consumes. You should also read some of the products consumer reports, as they come from people who have practically tried on the functions of the apparatus. We have reviewed a sizeable number of models, and the best yogurt makers are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Euro Cuisine YM80


Euro Cuisine are well-known for their high quality products, designed with attention by qualified technicians and culinary specialists. The YM80 yogurt maker makes no exception, being one of the best yogurt maker in 2019. The Euro Cuisine YM80 allows the user to prepare delicious yogurt, with any flavor without any restrictions. You will be able to test your culinary imagination and take important steps in delighting your guests with sweet treats. The YM80 yogurt maker has a solid polypropylene base and comes equipped with glass jars that permit you to make up to 42 oz of yogurt in less than 12 hours.


Buy from Amazon for ($28.99)




Cuisinart CYM-100


1.Bosch 4100-09

There is no way you can go wrong with this automatic cooling featured yogurt maker. The processing time finished, this machine turns into a continuous cooler, keeping the yogurt safe from alteration until you decide to eat it. With a single, large, 50-ounces container that can yield more than six 8-ounce servings, you can feed your family the best-flavoured yogurt with the push of a button. The CYM-100 has buttons for temperature adjustment and a time display that communicates the processing time remained. This model might seem a little pricey, but given the great features, ease of use and praising user reviews, it might just be the best electrical yogurt maker out there.


Buy from Amazon for ($71.99)




Dash Greek Yogurt Maker


2.Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

If you’re simply in love with Greek yogurt and want to be able to make it at home, this Dash machine will allow you to feed a whole family with its 64-ounces capacity. The LCD time display lets you know when the yogurt is ready for refrigeration, and you can set the timer according to your own recipe. This model is extremely light, its diameter is almost 7 inches, it comes with a hidden cord and the parts are machine washable, all of which make it very easy to store and maintain.  The Dash is now for sale on Amazon.


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Yogourmet 104 Electric


best yogurt makerToday, most of the latest top rated yogurt maker reviews, written with attention by culinary chefs and specialists underline the solid design of Yogourmet electric and its precise efficiency in creating delicious yogurt, worthy of sharing with friends and family members. This device was specially designed to maintain the ideal temperature which is required to prepare healthy and delightful yogurt every time you want. This yogurt maker has a dishwasher safe inner container accompanied with a seal-tight lid which keeps the yogurt fresh and in the optimal condition.


Buy from Amazon for ($56.15)




Euro Cuisine YM1000


Best yogurt maker reviews

A growing number of the latest top rated yogurt maker reviews, drafted with attention by specialists and technicians, emphasize on the fluid functionality and unique design of the Euro Cuisine automatic machine. This is a product appreciated for its quality in preparing delicious yogurt. This automatic yogurt maker allows you to prepare this delicious treat with ease and no limitations of any kind. You have the possibility to prepare any of the specified ingredients in your recipe book any type of yogurt you might want.


Buy from Amazon for ($28.76)




Euro Cuisine YM260


Considered as the best yogurt maker in 2019 because of its quality and efficiency, the Eurocuisine YM260 allows the user to make up to 2 quarts of yogurt at time which is quite impressive to say the least. The Eurocuisine YM260 yogurt maker has a timer on the side that allows you to see when the culinary treat is finished and ideal to be eaten. You should also know that this Eurocuisine model includes in its basic structure 1 stainless steel thermometer and also 1 cotton bag, perfect for making cheese with no problems of any kind.


Buy from Amazon for ($40.95)





Products which are no longer available



Cuisipro Donvier


A growing number of the latest top rated yogurt maker reviews underline the precise functionality and efficiency of the Cuisipro Donvier, a product known for its high quality design. The particularities of the Cuisipro Donvier allow the user to prepare up to 6 cups of delicious homemade yogurt, which is natural and healthy. The Cuisipro Donvier yogurt maker can create up to 8 different flavors at the same time, which saves you energy because you won’t need to prepare different batches separately. Furthermore, the device has a user friendly LCD display that allows you to better control the entire preparation process.