BIC America F12 customer reports


BIC America F12 reviews

The BIC America F-12 is a powered subwoofer that incorporates a high current 475-watt peak amplifier. The design of BIC America F12 has made by the BASH Technology in combination with a 12″ injection molded long-throw woofer. BIC America F12 contains a patented BIC “Venturi” vent that eliminates port noise. The thing, which is often heard from other subwoofers, can easily be found in this subwoofer. Especially while playing demanding music and videos, the BIC America F12 plays a great role. There are lots of features presented in BIC America F12. Because of its different features, majorities of people are moving their attention towards this product. The BIC America F12 features an adjustable crossover, adjustable volume control and automatic signal sensing. Moreover, it contains high level inputs, and both Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby Digital/DTS inputs.

Different reviews of BIC America F12 can be found on the different websites on the Internet. By reading the BIC America F12 review, people can familiar with a number of features of this device. BIC America F12 contains a good design of Front-firing, 12″, 475W-peak powered subwoofer.


BIC America F12 has an amplifier of BASH Technology, whereas the built-in amplifier power is 150W RMS continuous and 475W dynamic peak. The frequency response of BIC America F12 is 25Hz – 200Hz. It contains some sensible as well of 90dB. The impedance of BIC America F12 is 8ohms. All the defined features BIC America F12 have clearly mentioned in its review. Drivers can also be found in BIC America F12 and they are of 12″ injection-molded woofer with heavy-duty surround.


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On the other hand, BIC America F12 has patented BIC “Venturi” rear-venting port. This device has a connectivity feature as well in the form of RCA line inputs and outputs and Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS Sub In. BIC America F12 has magnetic shielding and gold-plated terminals as well. BIC America F12 contains black laminate, which attracts the most of the people.


The dimensions of BIC America F12 are 17″H x 14 3/4″W x 17 1/4″D and weight is 42lbs. BIC America F12 contains some additional features as well. Adjustable crossover and volume control, high-level inputs and signal-sensing automatic on/off. Well, this device has an extended warranty of five years parts and labor. Many people have shared their views about this product, and these things can easily be found in the BIC America F12 customer reports. According to them, the BIC America F12 offers the best performance and best sound quality, no matter how much the time has passed. It always gives the positive response and never dissatisfies its users. BIC America F12 has a build-up quality feature, which always provides the best for its users.


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