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BIC America VK-12 reviewsOne problem of getting your music up to extreme volumes is its distorted sound. We all know for a fact that the biggest issues when you go for louder volumes are distortion and boom issues. Good thing today, we can now enjoy our music to the top volume with subwoofers. So if you enjoy your music loud, then it is time to look for your own subwoofer. In this article, we will be giving you BIC America VK-12 review, one subwoofer model that you can consider. We will be discussing its features specifications, so you can have an idea whether this particular subwoofer suits your tastes. In this regard, we hope that after reading our review, we can be of reference to you when purchasing your very own subwoofer.

Unlike the standard cone design, the BIC America VK-12 is designed with a Kevlar material, the same material used for bullet proof vests. With this innovative construction, this particular subwoofer delivers high performance bass and excellent mid bass sounds. The strength of the material used helps in reducing sound blow outs; more so, it slows down the wear and tear of the product even with continuous and extended use. With this, you can be sure to enjoy fuller music for a very long time. Furthermore, with its 1000 watts amplifier, the BIC America VK-12 has more than enough power to supply you high and consistent bass impact sound for long hours.

Aside from being high performing, this particular subwoofer is also very economical. It features an automatic off switch that turns off the subwoofer after expended time of non-use. This is actually very practical, since sometimes we get too lazy or tired to turn the subwoofer off. Another great feature of BIC America VK-12 is its volume and adjustable crossover controls. This gives its users the freedom to configure the subwoofer sounds so they can create the perfect listening experience and acoustic suited to their tastes and space.

According to various BIC America VK-12 customer reports, users are actually very happy and pleased with this subwoofer. They are very well satisfied with its performance and durability. Its Kevlar design not only adds to the look and character of the product, but it actually helps in giving you high performance bass and mid bass sounds. More so, with the strength of the material, you can expect the BIC America VK-12 to withstand even harsher environment and still function perfectly even with occasional bumps. It is not shocking why a lot of users rated BIC America VK-12 high as it truly delivers what it promises. It is not only good for enjoying music, but it can be very well be used for watching movies for that total home entertainment enjoyment. So if you are looking for a good subwoofer, look no further than BIC America VK-12.