Black and Decker TRO480BS reviews



Black and Decker TRO480BS customer reports


 Black and Decker TRO480BS reviewsWant something good for your kitchen? Well, why not have a toaster? Read this Black and Decker TRO480BS and you’ll know that this TRO480BS just the perfect toaster for your home.

Toaster oven is what you need in your kitchen and also what you need to have a good breakfast meal. Black & Decker’s Countertop Oven is petite but powerful. The toaster uses 1200 watts in its operation.

It is a toaster oven that can cook four slices of bread at a time and can toast bread very consistently batch after batch.


Other than cooking bread, it can also bake potatoes which are great for lunches. Moreover, it can also bake a cake almost as good as a full-size oven. Moreover, it can also accommodate 9-inch pizza. It can bake, broil, and reheat a variety of foods quickly and easily. It is user-friendly because its control panel provides three simple knobs. One of the knobs is for setting the temperature, one for selecting a cooking function (bake, broil, toast, bagel and keep warm), and one for setting the 30-minute timer. It also has an adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another good thing about this toaster is that it won’t hog up a bunch of counter space. Having the dimension of 10.8 inches (length) by 18.1 inches (width) by 13.3 inches (depth), it is not bulky and is small enough for your kitchen. It is also lightweight so that you’ll be able to carry it easier.

The toaster features a bake pan and a removable crumb tray that are included in the oven. There is also a timer built in the oven so that it will shut off when the timer is set.

Also included in the package is a user’s manual that is very thorough and comes with charts.


Black and Decker TRO480BS Toaster Oven Specifics and Features

–          Stainless Steel Toaster Oven

–          Comes with bake pan, removable crumb tray, and manual

–          Dimension: 10.8 inches (length) x 18.1 inches (width) x 13.3 inches (depth)

–          Can bake, broil, and reheat a variety of foods quickly and easily

–          Toaster Oven functions: Baking, Broiling and Toasting

–          Wattage: 1200 watts

–          Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees F

–          Weight: 9.6 pounds

In the Black and Decker TRO480BS customer reports, many has enjoyed having this toaster in their kitchen. “Don’t belittle this toaster,” they say. It is because it can do a lot of things. It can bake, reheat, broil, and toast. It is great for a great variety of food from bread slices to potatoes; from pizza to cakes. So, why not try this toaster and taste the great food it makes?