Black Decker FHV1200 Flex reviews


Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex customer reports


Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex reviews

Undeniably, there are a lot of vacuum cleaners out now in the market. It has become quite hard for an average costumer to pick out what really suits and fits his or her. So, if you are one of those confused buyers who are on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner, then may be this article can help you sort out your options. In this article, we will give a Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex review. We will lay all the key features and specifications of this particular vacuum cleaner model down so that you can see if Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex is a perfect choice for you. The Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex is a handheld vacuum cleaner that claims to have the power and versatility of a full size cleaner. It is also void of any cords, making it really compact and portable. Because of its size and being cordless, Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex gives users much mobility over the machine making it easier to clean the hose. Added to that, it could easily clean any tight spots and high shelves that would otherwise be impossible for full size vacuum cleaner to reach. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner model has four foot flexible, giving the user added reach and assistance over those hard to clean areas. As it is very compact, clean up and storage is rather convenient. With all these, users can enjoy high powered vacuum cleaner that can easily transport from one room to another.

Backing up its small frame is a powerful motor that claims to give 40% more suction power ensuring you that all messes are zoomed out of the house. Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex also has cyclonic action that spins away the dirt from the filter to guarantee the lasting high performance of the suction power. To better improve the suction power, this vacuum cleaner is also equipped with filter refresh knob that brushes debris away from the filter.

With all its features, it seems to be a pretty good handheld vacuum cleaner. It has all the basic functions of a full size vacuum cleaner, and also enjoys the benefit of being a compact cleaner. Most Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex customer reports attest to the motor power of this vacuum cleaner.

They also noted the built of this vacuum cleaner is pretty sturdy and solid suggesting that the machine is durable. However, many complained about its battery power. Its battery life is so short that it needs constant recharging. Also, some found its filter to clog quickly so it requires constant cleaning. In conclusion, Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex is a good handheld vacuum cleaner, but if you are going to get it, you need to be prepared of its limitations as a handheld machine.