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BlackBerry 8520 reviews

Thousands of people around the world want a reliable smartphone that can help them connect with their friends and family members. This is the reason the market is flooded with various models, all designed to capture the attention of the viewer and thus determine him to purchase one of them. According to the latest online statistics and online surveys it seems that a growing number of men and women are using with great confidence Blackberry 8520 smartphone, known for its solid and modern construction. Most of the current Blackberry 8520 smartphone reviews, coming from owners and technicians underline the great operating system and linear functionality maintained by the model during every usage. This version from Blackberry has Quad Band such as GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and also GPRS capabilities which make it easy for the user to have great signal virtually everywhere.

The smartphone comes with a precise 2.0 MP digital camera and a high-resolution display with 320 x 240 65.000 colours TFT which permits the user to make great photos and record clear videos. The particularities of the Blackberry 8520 model fits with ease in your hand and through the QWERTY keyboard gives you the possibility to type fast messages and with comfort.

A growing number of the present Blackberry 8520 smartphone customer reports emphasize on the device’s high definition screen, coming with a bright display with over 65.000 colours. Due to the presence of the Trackpad navigation on the model, you have the ability to make many actions at the same time without dealing with restrictive factors. Just like a regular laptop the Trackpad permits you to scroll through menus, icons and even information, by simply gliding your finger over it. All you have to do is press and click to select an item and then with ease, navigate exactly where you want to go. Simple and innovative.

One particular feature of the model, described with details by many people in the most recent Blackberry 8520 smartphone customer reports is the great multimedia features of the model. As a reliable entertainment and business source, Blackberry 8520 represents a smart investment to any person that wants to have at his disposal a reliable mobile, without ever worrying about dealing with problems or restrictive factors.