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BlackBerry PlayBook reviewsIs it a fast and powerful tablet you’re looking for? Then why not try the BlackBerry PlayBook? It is one of the best iPad there is in the market. Read more about it in this BlackBerry PlayBook Review.

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook is a fast, powerful 7-inch tablet with HDMI output, advanced multitasking and security. It also has a browser that integrates Adobe Flash 10.2 for a desktop-style Web experience.

Being the smallest high-profile tablet to come out in 2011, BlackBerry PlayBook only measures 5 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, and a slim 0.4 inch thick. The PlayBook is the complete lack of buttons on the front. Rather, all of the PlayBook’s navigation is handled using onscreen controls. A 0.7-inch bezel frames the 1,024×600-pixel-resolution screen which is bordered by a pair of slender stereo speaker grilles. Along with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness, there’s also a 3-megapixel camera above the screen. There also another camera on the back. This one is a 5-megapixel camera that can capture video at 1080p quality.

The bottom of the PlayBook fares better and includes contacts for an optional charging dock, Micro-USB (charging/sync), and Micro-HDMI. Note that an HDMI cable isn’t included so it is suggested that buying one is a good idea since the PlayBook’s ability to crank out 1080p resolution video and mirror its OS onto your TV is one of its coolest features.

The OS or the operating system of the PlayBook is definitely the best feature of it. RIM has definitely nailed its goal to create an OS that is a powerful, professionally oriented alternative to Android and iOS. The PlayBook’s OS is super smooth and is a multitasking dynamo.
There’s no home button in the PlayBook to act as an anchor for the experience; instead, there’s a basic vocabulary of gestures that must be learned as you use the PlayBook such as swiping upward from beneath the screen to access apps, swiping down from the top bezel to access menus, or swiping from either the left or right bezel to bounce between open applications. It can take time to be learned but when learned; the user will be able to move swiftly. The speed in jumping between running apps is noticeably faster than anything else out there. The PlayBook keeps your open apps running in parallel at full throttle and takes no time jumping right in. The PlayBook also has an onscreen keyboard which has its virtual keys well-spaced and responsive.

The PlayBook’s new e-mail app gives you a unified inbox for all of your accounts, including social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter. In spite of the PlayBook’s relatively small 7-inch screen, RIM has made it possible to juggle between inbox views and e-mails using a collapsible multipanel interface.

BlackBerry PlayBook Characteristics and Features:
– 5 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, and a slim 0.4 inch thick
– 0.7-inch bezel frame
– 1,024×600-pixel screen resolution
– pair of slender stereo speaker grilles
– 3-megapixel camera above the screen
– 5-megapixel camera on the back
– 1080p camera quality
– PlayBook OS 2.0

According to the BlackBerry PlayBook customer reports, the customers who have tried this was so glad that using this iPad is really convenient because it runs fast and works fast.