Bosch 4100 reviews

Bosch 4100 customer reports


Bosch 4100 reviews

This Bosch 4100 review is about a wood cutting table from Bosch which is very unique in design so that it steps ahead of its competition. The features provided in this Bosch 4100 is very unique and provides you with many features and this puts it in front of its competition. The Bosch 4100 has a class of its putting it in front of the rest.

The Bosch 4100 is large and is 21 ½” deep by 29 inch wide and it is made up of aluminum. It has the flip locking lever which is beneath the front end and the table protrusion and increases the surface to a maximum of 40 ½ inch. There is a fence guide rail which expands along the table for a maximum possible fence to blade distance right of 25 inch. It is capable for woodworking purpose when compared to any medium sized table. There is a pair of full sized 3/8 inch in depth by ¾ inch in width T-shaped slots that hold the full features miter gauge. There are also a lot Bosch compatible accessories that are available in the markets to use with any table that you may have purchased without any modifications.

It has a circular plastic which is inserted between the front table edge and the blade and acts a Pre Cut Indication. The plastic disk accepts can be written on with the pencil and allows you to mark the edges of the blade, helping you to cut the wood very accurately as you would like it. You can use this table very accurately without the applying of the wax and it with be without any problems.

The table is fixed to a fairly rigid plastic cabin and a base below that. Three sides of Bosch is used up for the mounts and has the equipment that comes along with this Bosch 4100. The On and off switch is located on the front side of the table and contains other switches along with the On and Off switch. The weight of the table is 60 lbs. which has the weight 99 lbs. if the weight if Gravity-Rise stand is include. The base has the molded hand holds which eases in carrying the Bosch 4100.

The Bosch 4100 review shows that it is powered by 15-ampere motor and the blade is directly mounted on the motor which is commonly known as the direct drive and turns at 3650 Rotations Per Minute.

The Bosch 4100 customer reports show that the Soft Start and the Constant Response makes the Bosch 4100 an easy to start machine and it stabilizes the RPM while it is cutting. This Bosch has a reasonable price that is for the medium stores that require to have a cutting table in their shop , Bosch 4100 is surely a good buy.