Bosch 4100DG-09 reviews


Bosch 4100DG-09 10″ customer reports


Bosch 4100DG-09 reviewsBosch 4100DG-09 10″ Worksite Saw is now a must in every work area because has many useful features. Read more about it in this Bosch 4100DG-09 Review.

The feature that this Bosch 4100DG-09 worksite saw boasts of is its power and capabilities like mobility. This will have woodworkers considering it. The mobility it offers does a great job in breaking down large materials in the driveway or when transferring the saw.

The Bosch 4100DG-09 worksite saw has a large 21 1/2″-deep by 29″-wide aluminum table surface. The locking lever can be flipped under the front edge and the table extension can be opened to increase the surface to a maximum of 40 1/2″-wide. The fence guide rail expands along with the table for a maximum fence to blade distance of 25″. The table is mounted to a very tough, plastic cabinet and a sub base below that.

The Bosch 4100DG-09 also comes with the Digital Measurement display and Gravity-Rise stand and this can be a cost effective way to bring the capabilities of a table saw to your small shop or to your work area. The table has a pair of full sized 3/8″-deep by 3/4″-wide, T-shaped miter slots that can accommodate the included full-featured miter gauge. The Bosch 4100DG-09 is also compatible with accessories without the need of modifications.

A round plastic can be inserted between the blade and front edge of the table to act as a Pre-Cut Indicator which accepts pencil lines and thus allowing you to draw marks indicating the edges of the blade. The aluminum table and extension are very flat and have a glass beaded finish. This surface tends to make sliding wood effortless without applying wax or other preparations though their use does not appear to be problematic as long as they are compatible with wood and aluminum.

Bosch 4100DG-09 is also powered by a 15-amp motor. The saw uses a direct drive motor run and turns at 3650 RPM. The motor is also equipped with Soft Start and Constant Response. It also features a Bosch Squarelock™ Rip fence which moves along its rails easily but locks solidly at both ends ensuring a stable hold. Moreover, there is also a Digital Measuring Display which makes it easy for everybody. It is also safe to use because of its Smart Guard system.

Bosch 4100DG-09 10″ Worksite Saw Specifics and Features:

–          21 1/2″-deep by 29″-wide aluminum table surface

–          pair of full sized 3/8″-deep by 3/4″-wide, T-shaped miter slots

–          Pre-Cut Indicator

–          Bosch Gravity-Rise stand

–          15-amp motor

–          3650 RPM

–          Direct drive

–          Soft Start and Constant Response

–          Bosch Squarelock™ Rip fence

–          Digital Measuring Display

–          Smart Guard system


Many customers have commented in the Bosch 4100DG-09 customer reports that this worksite saw has been a great help in their work and is definitely a great investment for the work area.