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Bose Companion 5 reviewsIf you are thinking of buying the new Bose Companion 5, you may want to check out what other people are saying about it. With this, you can be sure that what you are investing in is something you truly want and expect. It helps to research and read a lot of Bose Companion 5 reviews that can be seen in the internet as they can provide much insight on what the product can offer and how it works. In this article, we will give you a brief a look on Bose Companion 5 as we dissect its features and specification. With this, we hope to help you make an informed decision so that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

First thing to consider with Bose Companion 5 is its price. It carries a heavier price tag compared to other speakers of the same class, though it claims that its price is justified by its features. However, as seen various reviews, this may not be the case. At its price range, it has limited features and some problems on its lower mid tones. The sound quality is great for some music genres with high tones, but for rock, metal, or punk music, it does not deliver excellently. Consequently, you cannot really rely with this speaker if you are looking to use it as a support audio for games. It delivers below average sound for such activity that it might just ruin your game, especially if you are the shooter. However, Bose Companion 5 gives excellent audio for movies.

Furthermore, it has no wireless remote, no display, no additional connection, and no output settings. More so, you must also take into account that Bose Companion 5 can only connect to your computer. Though it may not be the best speaker in terms of sound and tone quality, it definitely tops its class in respect of design and built. It features a minimal design that looks really classy and sophisticated, making it a really easy match to any room. Furthermore, it is build with strong materials so you can pretty much expect Bose Companion 5 to last you a long time and withstand continuous use and occasional bumps.

All in all, this 5.1 audio system fails to justify its high price. Many Bose Companion 5 customer reports actually noted that they can find 2.1 system with more features and cheaper price. Its durability and superior construction does not compensate for Bose Companion 5 high price and average features. Though it delivers great sound on some music genre or when watching movies; with its price range, you could not help to expect more. Overall, it may be better to get a more versatile speaker set than this.