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Britax Boulevard 70 reviewsWhen going on long trips, parents’ number one concern is their children’s safety. They do everything to ensure that their children have the outmost protection, especially during untoward incidents. With this, more and more parents are now investing on car seats that are specifically designed to provide outmost protection to the kids. If you are looking for one, you may want to continue reading this article as we will be giving you a brief Britax Boulevard 70 review, one car seat model that you can consider. In this article, we will be laying down to you the product features and specifications of Britax Boulevard 70 so as to help you decide whether this car seat is a great choice for you. We hope that after reading this write up, we can be of reference to you on your car seat hunt.

The Britax Boulevard 70 may be one of the priciest car seats out in the market today, but do not let its price tag do the talking as its features justify its market value. For starters, this particular car seat features cushioned head stabilizing wings to deep, rigid, foam padded sides for outmost head protection during vehicle intrusion and contain side to side head. In addition, the Britax Boulevard 70 seat base has cells that compress during a crash that helps lower your kid’s center of gravity for reduced forward thrust.

More so, the seats has an integrated energy-absorbing tethers that stabilizes the seat in both the forward and the rear facing positions, which results to greater stability and reduce motion of the seat. This feature does not only provide protection to your child, but also gives much comfort so your kids can further enjoy your trip. Another safety feature of Britax Boulevard 70 is its harness alert. This is somehow a new thing on car seats, and this model has it. This alert gives out a clicking sound when it reaches the correct level of tension to safely secure the child. This serves as an additional support and measure to parental oversight. However, some people find this new safety alert quite doubtful as it may give the parents a false sense of security. Some experts say that it is still better for the parents to check the harness security themselves.

Overall, with its safety and comfort features, the Britax Boulevard 70 is an easy recommendation. Although some parents may be quite hesitant with the harness alert, it still provides outmost protection and comfort that parents and kids need. Basing from the various Britax Boulevard 70 customer reports seen in the internet, many users are actually pleased and happy with their purchase. They are verymuch satisfied with this car seat’s performance. Furthermore, Britax Boulevard 70 also looks very durable and sturdy suggesting that it can last your kid (and even passed around your children) for a long time.