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Broan QS136SS reviewsCooking in the comfort of our homes is a luxury that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years and with the advancements in knowledge and technology it was no surprise to the kitchen had attracted a new feature, the cooker hood. It is a metallic hood place directly over a cooker or hob that acts a little like a vacuum and draws evaporated elements through a series of filters, removing unpleasant odors after cooking. Oddly though, in older homes, they never to seem to have caught on although, perhaps many more households would like to install such a filtration device. New builds, where the owner designs the kitchen, are more likely to feature a hood over a cooker as the kitchen is custom designed and build, making it easier to accommodate.

Why has it not caught on? One can only speculate as to any single reason but I am inclined to believe there are several reason that has not seen a dramatic up-take of cooker hoods. Many older kitchens have fixed unit on the walls, even above the cooker, leaving precious little space to install a filter hood, others may think they are just not worth the money, are too messy to clean or just perceived as a luxury item that simply is not needed. Whatever the reason, manufacturers have been producing a range of these hoods for some years.

What benefits do they offer?

If you look above your head in the kitchen you are most likely to see a white ceiling, or at least a ceiling that once was white and now has a pale yellow color to it. This discoloration is the result of hot cooking oil and the cooking of fatty food. After some times your ceiling can be turned in to one of the filthiest places in the house, and probably the last place you want that to happen. Most people if they do not ignore it, simply clean it and paint over to effectively hide the discoloration and that is okay for a couple more years perhaps.

This is why cooker hoods were created, to consume the hot oils and odors produce in cooking and this 36 inch, stainless steel, under cabinet hood, 220 CFM from Broan is another in a long line of hoods. However, it does not appear to be just another model at all.

It features halogen lighting to improve visibility over the hob, is fully enclosed with dishwasher safe filters for very easy cleaning. It is also quiet when in use, a far cry from the early day models as they have evolved just as air-con units have over the years.

Broan QS136SS customer reports hint that a very high proportion of users have been very happy with the performance of this model and the claims boasted by Broan are indeed correct.