Brother IntelliFax-4100E reviews


Brother IntelliFax-4100E customer reports


Brother IntelliFax-4100E reviews

This Brother IntelliFax-4100E review talks about a fax machine that caters to the needs of the business customers and fulfills the demands of all the facilities the fax provides along with the low operating costs. It can be easily used in the offices where there is extensive usage of fax machine. It has a unique and creative design which has a lot of capacity and has a front loading paper tray that helps in the paper

handling; it features a robust monthly duty and can be ideally used for the departmental store use.


The features of Brother IntelliFax-4100E:

There are many features involved in making this model of fax machine a success. Some of the features of the fax machine include the following:

  • It has a high speed 33.6K bps SuperG3 fax modem. The fax throughput is so maximized so that you can send as fast as almost 3 seconds per page and has to adjust speed by slowing down while it is being connected with a slow machine.
  • It has a big memory of up to 8MBso that it can store up to 500 fax pages and allows multiple faxes to be stored in the memory for the transmission when the line is free.
  • It has 250 sheet expandable paper capacity, this high capacity which is front loading is very easy to use and minimizes the time it takes to load the letter paper in one, legal paper in another so that the faxes sent would be printed automatically on the right paper.
  • It has a very important feature which is useful in saving the time and can auto-dial the numbers up to 132 numbers, or it can scan the fax once and automatically broadcast it to as many as 182 recipients at one time.
  • It has a good output which is of laser and is capable of printing incoming faxes or using the 30-page capacity to auto document feeder to make copies at up to at least 15cpm and provides a very high quality crisp, clear and professional output to the users.
  • It has a high-yield toner cartridge this feature makes great difference in the reducing of the overall reduction of expenses and makes the fax machine economic to be used in the offices.
  • This Brother IntelliFax-4100E review has the information that this fax machine contains built-in USB and parallel interfaces so that you can avail both the USB and parallel interface and this fax machine can serve as a laser printer up to 15ppm if you desire beyond basic fax and copying.


The Brother IntelliFax-4100E customer reports show that this machine is very economical to use in small offices and can print in a very nice quality, this makes it desirable for the customers.