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Brother QL-570 reviewsBrother have been producing PC compatible printers for some years now, mostly with a good track record and this Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer does indicate the progress they have made based on their previous experience in this field.

The Brother QL 570 certainly does make life a little easier when it comes to label printing and for people that like gadgets, this really has the gadget feel about it so should be right up your street but it does also look right with dark grey and silver paneling. It is fast and on to a wide range of labels effortlessly and to actually change the label type to use has been made superbly well and is perhaps one of the best solutions so far.

It is 2nd generation and clearly Brother saw room for improvements from their initial foray in to label printing. Labels up to 2.4 inches can be printed and the not so good software of the earlier version has seen a rapid improvement so now you have a good looking label printer than delivers what the external features promise.

The unit has been made marginally smaller than its predecessor, a feature that really did need addressing and up to point could do with a little more thought for the next inevitable generation. This model is now 4.9 inches by 7 inches, still larger than label printers offered by Seiko and Dymo. Additionally the QL 570 features a cutter that is automatically activated. Despite these improvements the price has not been made any higher than the QL 500, always good to a company actually trying to keep the cost down as far as possible.

Now Brother have a good label printer to match the impressive range of printer labels they supply you should be able to cover most label printing requirements. Labels area available in four formats (the most-common sizes), that are typically address labels, file folder labels, shipping labels and a 2.4 inch wide continuous white roll. Brother does offer a much wider range of other label types and colors to cover most day to day eventualities, making this label printer a serious contender in the market place. The standard labels work out to be about $0.036 each which is comparable to the competition.

One of the biggest issues with many label printers is the ease, or lack of it, when it comes to changing label types in the printer, this has now been addressed by Brother as their labels come on spools that you simply snap in to the printer and feed the label edge in to a slot. That’s it – job done! It is so simple and so fast, well done Brother.

Brother QL 570 customer reports to date have been favorable with the label change being well received. It looks like Brother has made some new friends and customers.