Bushnell Pro 1600 customer reports


Bushnell Pro 1600 reviews

Bushnell Outdoor Products has introduces a new addition to the company which is the Bushnell Pro 1600. It is the leading distance measuring device and this device is available in two models which are: Tournament Edition and a patented model which is the Slope Edition.

This new addition is an anticipated one as the Bushnell Pro 1600 customer reports. This product is very easy to use and gives the golfer the accurate yardage readings to the golfer so that the golfer may accurately put his shot. According to the company it has been prepared with precision so that golfer nay not accidently hit the sprinkler or any other system.

The models available can work without the use of a reflector device and has the capability to measure the accurate distances without downloading any downloads which is great. The Slope Edition includes the built –in inclinometer which gives the golfer a compensated distance which is based o degree of incline or decline. This will give the golfers more accurate reading by giving +/- which is good for the golfers who play competitively. These Bushnell products are regarded for their best features and have provided ease to the users without downloading the software from the internet.

There are different features that make this Bushnell Pro 1600 review better. Some of these features are given below:

  • It has 7x magnification
  • It has a range of 400 yards to the flag
  • It is 100% waterproof which is upto to standard of IPX7
  • It has the patented RainGuard® HD lens coating
  • It has the Scan and Pinseeker modes
  • It is provided with the carrying case

These magnificent features of Bushnell provides the full range of laser rangefinders which improves the way the golfers accurately takes consideration of distances and hence improving their performance in the tournament.

The Bushnell Pro 1600 is a device which can help improve the performance of every golfer. Although some users found it heavy the weight is just suitable for everyone to hold when you can choose the other model Tour V2 which the Bushnell offers which is much more compact and lighter.

The Bushnell Pro 1600 customer reports show that this device is better than the other rangefinders in the market since it accesses the object very finely and you can almost see anything that you throw at it. These features help the users in becoming the better golfers and help us in achieving the best of the performances. All of the good points of this product can be summed up by just three words that the customer reports show:

  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Support
  • Functionality