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Bushnell Trophy Cam reviewsOne of the most important things for families is the security not only of their family but also their home. Although you can simply get a camera that you can install outside to watch for intruders, it is important to get one that captures clear images. The new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD camera may be the right one for you. Read this Bushnell Trophy Cam review to learn more about its features.

The Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera has been designed to capture wildlife in amazing detail no matter the weather conditions. It features HD videos, Field Scan 2X and one-year of battery life. Night time images are brighter and sharper even from up to 60 feet away. This is because of the incorporation of 32 LEDs into its Night Vision Flash. The HD camera will not have trouble in capturing such images all day.

Many Bushnell Trophy Cam customer reports like how it easily covers key times in the day without missing out on the action. Its Field Scan 2X provides it with a trigger speed of 0.6 seconds with intervals of one minute to an hour. The camera is also weather proof to maximize the consistency of photos and videos captured in different conditions. It also regulates sensitivity automatically based on the surrounding temperatures with its Auto Passive Infrared motion sensor.

If you will be using the camera to observe the weather, the date, time, moon phase and temperature stamps will make it easier for you to compile data. The camera provides you with better, more detailed information on what kind of conditions can be expected in different areas. The GPS Geotag also records GPS coordinates to help in tracking.

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD camera captures action in excellent quality and detail with 8MP full color images and 1280 x 720p HD video with clip lengths of up to a minute. It also features an auto filter switch which adjusts for daytime color images and movies or night vision images and movies. The Passive Infrared motion sensor is also manually and automatically adjustable between low, medium, high and auto. It requires infrared energy and motion though to trip the sensor. You can also choose to delay between images as it has programmable trigger intervals from a second up to 60 minutes. The camera is not completely waterproof though it has been designed to prevent rain from soaking in. Its operational temperature is between -5F and 140F.

Bushnell Trophy Cam has been developed by Realtree. It runs up to a year on one set of 4 to 8 AA batteries. The box also includes an SD card slot which allows up to 32 GB of storage. You may want to check out online stores to find a good deal for it.