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Callaway Diablo Edge Irons customer reports


Callaway Diablo Edge Irons reviewsTake a more exciting pace in playing golf with Callaway Diablo Edge Irons as takes a high praise for its distance control and feel. Read more about the details on this Callaway Diablo Edge Review.

In playing golf, it is certainly important to develop the skills in playing but of course, the choice of a golf club is also of importance. This has a deeper, lower center of gravity which provides an effective hitting area that’s lower on the face where most amateurs tend to hit the ball. This golf club also features variable face thickness, S2H2, 360° undercut cavity, and modified Tru-Bore hosel design.

The golf club has a slightly higher flight than average and it seems to produce draws at will. It also ensures consistent flight on scoring shots and even on off-center hits.

When the Callaway Diablo Edge Irons was tested, the experienced testers have these and those who are straight hitters says that the club is very good at correcting spin on heel or toe hits. Several testers find these to be as easy to hit as any irons they’ve tried. They also commented that the golf club is soft but not overly muted and there is a consistent “click” throughout the set.

Callaway Diablo Edge has a medium-thick top line and offset that inspires confidence in playing golf. There is also vertical and horizontal white grooves that are a useful alignment aid. It is highly rated for it great distance control. And it also a great anti-slice iron and a solid distance output which makes the mis-“hits” go longer than expected.

This innovative golf club is long which makes it in a beneficial position since long irons are easier to hit than some hybrids. Also, the big sole goes through rough easily and gets the ball in the air quickly.

Callaway Diablo Edge Irons Characteristics and Features:

– Medium-thick top line and offset
– With vertical and horizontal white grooves
– Great at distance control
– Great-anti slice iton
– variable face thickness
– S2H2
– 360° undercut cavity
– modified Tru-Bore hosel design

Many have praised this golf club for its great performance and Callaway Diablo Edge customer reports that it certainly does. Many testers and users have agreed in many ways after using this Callaway Diablo Edge Iron. Even if they have had a wrong hit, the golf club makes it look like it’s not because of its feature that makes the ball take more distance. It is also highly praised because of its great distance control. “I couldn’t believe that there is such a club out there that hits like this one.” Be one of the many that have tried this wonderful innovation.