Best Rated Golf Club Set from Callaway


1. Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with BagBenefits

The 460cc forged driver in this best golf club set from Callaway has the largest hitting area compared to any other club in the set, ensuring a forgiving sweet spot.

The 5H Hybrid is expertly designed with versatility and forgiveness on shots.

The 5 pieces of Irons/Wedges offer improved control.

Expect nothing less than remarkable accuracy from the putter.

The stand bag keeps all the clubs neatly organized.



One of the Callaway Strata complete golf club set reviews says the hybrids do not ship with covers.


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Benefits Explained

  • The Driver and 3 Wood are engineered with a forgiving sweet spot plus a graphite shaft that ensure exceptional distance. The two elements come with their own head covers to keep the surfaces protected. These long distance clubs can be used off the tee box for a first shot on either a Par 4 or Par 5. The largest hitting area is the face of the driver. Thanks to the 460cc Clubhead, beginner players will find the club the most commonly used in the set. The high cc number ensures greater forgiveness on off-center shots. The 3 Woods is outfitted with a more aerodynamic head shape execution of long, high flying shots.

2. Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag

  • The Hybrid is scientifically geared to provide versatility and forgiveness on shots that one would usually hit with a difficult long iron, for greater confidence in executing a variety of shots. The hybrid offers a similar shape to a wood, with the distinct advantage of being easier to hit. With the length and loft of an iron, this club travels the distance to offer playability.


  • The perimeter weighting plus progressive sole width technology make the Irons/Wedges superior when it comes to providing control. This combines with the high level of forgiveness for shot accuracy every time. The stainless steel construction offers durability and resistance to corrosion, for lasting use on the field.


  • The putter/mallet comes with T-style alignment to deliver incredible accuracy for your shots. Undoubtedly the most important club in the set, the putter is utilized on the green or just off to the side to drive the ball into the hole. The much larger head style creates forgiveness even on mishits on the heavier and larger head. The weight is as far away from the face of the Clubhead as possible, thus stabilizing the putter head at impact and offering straighter putts.


  • The lightweight Stand Bag is built to be durable, ensuring lasting use. It features five convenient pockets and an additional cooler pocket so you can have everything you need within reach during your game. The rain hood ensures protection from the elements. The backpack strap system enables easy transportability from your vehicle to the golf course.



Undoubtedly the best men’s golf club set on the market, the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set keeps you ahead in your game. The set comes with all the clubs you need to enjoy a great game with your buddies. The stand bag enables easy carrying with its backpack strap system. This is the golf set that helps you with accurate shots and a terrific golf playing experience.


Buy from Amazon for ($199.99)