Canon EOS 1D Mark III reviews


Canon EOS 1D Mark III customer reports


Canon EOS 1D Mark III reviews

Many experts will agree that Canon’s 1D series is among the best in the industry. Though it costs thousands of dollars, you get what you pay for because of its pixel counts that are well above those of its competitors (in a 35mm – format digital SLR) and attention to detail that make it ideal for professionals. Its latest model in the 1D series, the Canon EOS 1D Mark III, is perhaps the dream camera of professionals. It brings its megapixel count to an impressive 21.1 and provides a high level of control over all aspects of your image. Read this Canon EOS 1D Mark III review to learn more about its features and find out if it should be your next camera. When it comes to design, the new Canon 1D Mark III is quite similar to other cameras which belong in the series. Its body is long and has straight grip. In comparison to Nikon cameras, it is somewhat blocky which is why people with larger hands might find it easier to hold.

What many people notice, based on Canon EOS 1D Mark III customer reports, is that the DSLR is quite heavy – and that’s true. However, its weight may actually be a good thing. The weight can help you steady your shot. Over time, the weight should not be an issue as the body weighs around 3 pounds minus the lens but with the battery.

According to Canon, the camera’s viewfinder provides you with up to 100 percent coverage. Although this may not be exactly true, reviews say the number is close based on the quality of the images. In addition, Canon also offers 15 optional focusing screens which in good if you’re not satisfied with the screen that comes with the 1D Mark III. One of the features that consumers will probably notice first is its 21.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. Because the sensor’s size is similar to a frame of 35mm film, you won’t have to bother converting factors to figure out its equivalent field of view. Its downside is that you won’t be able to use any of Canon’s EF-S lenses with the 1D Mark III.

Outdoor photographers will most probably like the camera’s dust reduction system. Whenever you turn on the camera, it automatically shakes the sensor so as to remove dust from the filter. The filter also has an antistatic coating so as to prevent dust from building-up. It also comes with Digital Photo Professional software which automatically removes persistent marks on the sensor after you have the camera map its locations. Its features definitely make the Canon EOS 1D Mark III a must-have for many professionals and photography enthusiasts. This latest model in the Canon 1D camera series is already available in retail and online stores.