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Canon G12 reviewsThe Canon G12 is an enthralling and exciting camera for both advanced and new beginners. It is a digital camera that integrates the latest and powerful features. By using this camera you can capture images and record videos just like an expert photographer. It features a PureColor System LCD which is variable angle and the size of this LCD screen is 2.8 inches. The Canon G12 allows its users to take images in JPEG and RAW image modes. Actually the files of RAW format are so named, since they are not processed and also not ready to be edited or printed with an image editor. Most of the times the images are rectified by a raw converter that can make some precise adjustments before converting them to the different file formats such as JPEG or TIFF for the printing, storing, editing and further manipulations.

By taking a thorough look at the Canon G12 review you can find that it has a high definition video of 720 pixels along with the stereo for better and crystal clear quality sound, high dynamic range, tracking Autofocus, multiple aspect ratios and electronic level. It maybe not wrong if we say that this camera will give you better control over the creativity than ever before. The G12 is way better than the products of its class which have the same price tag as G12. It also offers point and shoot technology and an optical viewfinder.

This camera really stands out in each and every aspect and works great for the beginners. Though, it offers enough quality and features to satisfy the thirst of photography of even more advanced users. If you are a person who likes to control the various options and features of this camera then G12 allows you to do this by using its easy to use back and front dials. Now you can get much more close to the action by employing 5x optical picture stabilizing zoom. The Canon G12 also has an image processor which is known as DIGIC 4, coupled with a high quality sensor of 10 megapixels. All these specifications make this device a lot more sensitive as compare to the cameras which have same count of megapixel.

For any photographer, the camera shaking is a big mess that can ruin the entire image. The unique design of G12 reduces the camera shake that helps you in taking sharper and crisp images. It has been already proved from theĀ Canon G12 customer reportsĀ that if you are looking to get the images of SLR quality by using a reasonably priced and compact camera then nothing is better than this. With all these above mentioned features, you will surely get amazed with the eminence of images that you can create by using Cannon G12.