Canon imageClass MF3010 reviews


Canon ImageClass MF3010 customer reports


Canon ImageClass MF3010 reviews

While there are many laser printers that are available in the market, this Canon ImageClass MF3010 review will provide you with one possible option that can be taken into consideration. The rest of the article will take you on a quick tour to be oriented with some of its features and which will help you to know if you will opt for this model or choose another one within the product category.

Various Canon ImageClass MF3010 customer reports have lauded the design of this laser printer, especially because of the fact that it takes up minimal space, making it perfect addition for crowded desktops, or for computers with limited table space available. With regards to its dimensions, it has a width of 14.7 inches, a depth of 10.9 inches, and a height of 10 inches. The space-saving design of this printer is attributed to the presence of a collapsible paper tray and having a thin plastic door. At less than 17 pounds, this is also considered to be lightweight compared to most of the laser printers that are sold in the market.

The operation panel that can be found behind the lid is hard to operate at first. However, after some time, one will find that it is intuitive enough. Once you already know the meaning and functions of the different icons that can be seen on the printer, its operation will be a breeze. To know how to operate this printer, you will need to go online and access their manual. As part of the conservation of the environment, Canon opted to take out the physical manual and have the instructions for operations be accessed online instead.

This Canon ImageClass MF3010 review also highlights the fast and precise printing capability of this printer. This can print up to 19 pages per minute, and its high quality can be best seen when printing simple texts. The color scanning capability of this scanner has also been lauded. More so, the energy saving mode is also a good function of this printer. When this function is activated, as low as 3 watts of energy is used. More so, the single cartridge system is also a nice feature. This makes the printer maintenance-free, especially because of the combination of toner, drum and development unit in a single cartridge that can be replaced easily.

If you are looking for a printer that is perfect for your home or for a small office, there is no need to be skeptic about choosing this model. It has the basic printing and scanning features that you will need, and which will surely prove to be satisfactory, as it has been given high rating by many people in various Canon ImageClass MF3010 customer reports.