Canon PIXMA iP100 reviews


Canon Pixma iP100 customer reports


Canon PIXMA iP100 reviewsSay you are on those long business trips and you always need a printer near you to print some important documents that you need right away, on the spot. To help you in this direction, Canon`s laboratories have created the Canon Pixma iP100 portable printer. It is an upgrade from the previous iP90v model. The biggest upgrades are the improved quality and speed of the prints. The design has remained largely the same.

The Canon PIXMA iP100 customers reports indicatethatthe main diffrence from the iP90v model is the amazing quality. This is a direct consequence of the increased number of ink nozzles that have double the resolution. Now the resolution is 4,800×1,200 dpi color. The printer holds up to 50 sheets of paper, being able to carry an extra 20 comparing to its predecessor.

The price tag for this portable printer is somewhere between 180$ – 250$, and it comes equipped with a infrared port for connecting to cell phones, a customary USB 2.0 port and a PictBridge port for digital cameras. But if you are looking for further utilities, some extra dollars will get you a BU-30, a Bluetooth adapter that can enable you to print directly from a laptop or anyother device with Bluetooth technology. The BU-30 is plugged into the USB port. TheiP100 is slighty larger and heavier than the iP90v. The possible downsides to this model are the lack of a card reader, no Wi-Fi or the possibility to get a carrying case for it. The ChromoLife color inks are used by the iP100, and each cartridge costs up to 17$ and can make somwhere around 250 pages. You can also optimize the cartridge useage by chosing either the Save Black Ink mode or Use Composite mode.

The usual Canon PIXMA iP100 review is praising the portable camera`s speed and quality. It isn`t cheap if we compare it to normal printers, but its mobility more than makes up for the extra dollars. The missing card reader port can be a problem but if you add the BU-30 you should be able to print from almost any source. Exept the price tag the user`s reviews haven`t had found any real weakness for the portable printer.

If you are looking for a portable printer to carry around with you wherever you may go, the Canon Pixma iP100is definitely the one you should invest in. Its speed makes sure that you don`t lose any valuable time and the quality ensures that you don`t run into any unwanted problems. The printer`s performances even surpasses some regual printers and I think it is safe to say that the Canon team have outdone themselves yet again. The price shouldn`t be a deterrent and the Canon Pixma iP100 review has proven that itsĀ features more then make up for it.