Highest Rated Point and Shoot Camera from Canon


1.Canon PowerShot S120 Digital CameraBenefits

Easily the best point and shoot camera from Canon, the PowerShot S120 Digital Camera is equipped with superb connectivity features.

The Canon HS System is incomparable to what other point and shoot cameras can offer.

The high-sensitivity CMOS Sensor delivers class-leading imaging performance.

The DIGIC 6 Image Processor offers plenty of core advancements to image quality, whether in video or stills.

You can make the most of the bright f/1.8 lens with 5x Optical Zoom as well as the wide angle of view.



At least two of the Canon PowerShot S120 Digital Camera reviews note that the battery life on this model is a bit short, which can be resolved by having spare batteries handy especially during extended photography sessions.


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Benefits Explained

If you want the best point and shoot camera, look no further than the Canon PowerShot S120 Digital Camera. This point and shoot has a newly expanded integrated WiFi that is easy to set up. This gives you more options for sharing what you capture with friends, family and the world. Enjoy on-the-go convenience by being able to connect directly to both Android and iOS devices and to upload images using the included Canon CameraWindow app without the need for a computer. It’s easy to upload video files since the camera captures video in the MP4 format. This means you can effortlessly post your images to various social media and networking sites via the Canon iMAGE Gateway. You can also print pictures straight to a wireless PictBridge certified printer.

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The Canon HS SYSTEM delivers exceptional low-light performance you can optimize up to ISO 12800. This enables you to create images with amazing detail, emotional resonance and depth. You can experience outstanding tracking performance even in poor lighting conditions. Expect awesome still image quality even at high ISO speeds. Thanks to the camera’s ability to reduce noise and produce maximum detail in shadow and highlight areas, you can achieve beautiful low-light shots. The Canon HS SYSTEM is a revolutionary feature that allows you to use higher shutter speeds while capturing clearer images with reduced noise and blur, for incredible photos and videos.


Create beautiful images with excellent imaging performance with the PowerShot S120. The camera utilizes Canon’s patented 12.1 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor, which offers cutting-edge imaging performance by employing a highly advanced light capturing design, resulting in high sensitivity plus superb levels of ISO capture with minimal noise. Image data is rapidly captured and transmitted to the processor, enabling faster autofocus and really quick continuous shooting.


Putting the world in your pocket, the PowerShot S120 is outfitted with Canon’s latest processor, the DIGIC 6 Image Processor. This feature offers better light sensitivity for higher resolution with reduced noise in dim lighting. The Dynamic IS detects and automatically compensates for tilt and parallel movement that could result in shift blur. You can create distortion-free video thanks to this revolutionary functionality.


You can enjoy wide versatility thanks to the bright f/1.8 lens that captures the almost imperceptible nuances of low light. The 5X Optical Zoom and 24mm Wide Angle lens contribute to the camera’s flexibility as an image capturing device. The camera lets you create portraits with amazing soft background blur, along with images of panoramic proportions.



Capture the world with amazing clarity and detail with the Canon PowerShot S120. This digital camera offers sophisticated features that ensure captivating images you can easily share via WiFi or using your iOS and Android devices though social networking and media. Create stunning images and video where your only limit is your imagination.


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