Canon SELPHY CP800 reviews


Canon SELPHY CP800 customer reports


Canon SELPHY CP800 reviewsCanon Selphy CP800 is a wonderful device, I have ever seen. The Canon Selphy CP800 is a compact dye-sub 6×4 printer, offering the basic functionality. Different accessories have included in the Canon Selphy CP800 such as a 2.5-inch LCD screen and a range of card slots, as well as a USB port for flash drives and another for connecting a computer.  One can better understand about this product by having a look on the Canon SELPHY CP800 review. With Canon’s My Colors option, it is possible to process images. While, a Smooth Skin mode and red-eye correction are on hand to improve portrait photos. There’s also an Image Optimize feature, which includes noise reduction and face detection.

Canon SELPHY CP800 is a compact and affordable 6×4 photo printer with editing features. Although the printer is a little noisy starting up, but always provide the marvelous results. It’s ready for action within a few seconds. The Printing times of Canon SELPHY CP800 vary, but on average it takes 65-70 seconds for prints to fully emerge from the unit, with an extra 15 seconds. This feature attracts the majorities of customers. Canon SELPHY CP800 review highlights that the detail and sharpness are good, while color reproduction is largely accurate, with faithful hues and just the right amount of saturation. Both the red-eye correction and Image Optimize features of this Canon Selphy CP800 work well. The latter typically lifting exposure in darker images, it is the biggest issues for most of the people, but now, this issue has been solved with the inception of Canon Selphy CP800. Although its noise reduction didn’t seem to affect the high-ISO images printed, but it works well as compare to other devices.  The Canon SELPHY CP800 has a skin soften mode, which works well to remove wrinkles and blemishes. Moreover, there’s no control over its intensity, although its effect may be considered overzealous.

I must say that the Canon Selphy CP800 is a good choice for those who want to make the occasional few prints with minimal fuss.  Packs containing a cartridge and 108 sheets of paper retail at reasonable price rates. This product has not most disappoint its customers regarding the product’s features. Most have a good point of view about the Canon SELPHY CP800.

In the Canon SELPHY CP800 customer reports, they thanks to the application of a final overcoat, prints are dry straight out of the printer, and no fingerprints could be seen on any of the prints handled during the test. However, there are some issues presented in Canon SELPHY CP800. According to a few customers, the only issues came with the slightly inaccurate reproduction of purples and magentas, and slight warmth applied to certain images.

You must once try the Canon SELPHY CP800.