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Cap Barbell FM-504 customer reports


Cap Barbell FM-504 reviewsThese days the weight benches are not only found in the specialized gyms but they also become an imperative addition to the preeminently equipped home gyms as well and when it comes to the exercise benches then you cannot compare sheer quality and reasonable price of Cap Barbell FM-504 FID Bench with any other product that is available in the market. The FID bench is especially designed for the persons who like to perform any sort of bench based exercise dumbbell flyes and chest presses by using dumbbells. You can do all these exercises within the ease and comfort of your home.

Its measuring is quite compact and nice that is 41.2 inches by 26.4 inches by 48.8 inches. It is also a very good choice in terms of credence and heaviness, since it weighs only 25lbs. It has the ability to support the body weight of up to 250lbs and has a large number of valuable features which include an efficient dumbbell holder, shin supports which are covered with high quality foam, four different positions like decline, flat, incline and upright and it also features foam covered handgrips.

It is a fact that most of the top notch non-adjustable benches are available within $50 and the adjustable benches costs about $100+. Therefore, without any doubt the Cap Barbell FM-504 FID Bench is an absolute steal, because it is an adjustable bench that is available in less than $50. Apart from its low price, the quality of and durability of this bench is simply unsurpassed. The quality of its basic body or frame is good which is made from the stable and strong materials.

The stability of FID bench is also undeniable and if you have any doubt about it in your mind then all you have to do is to take a short look at any Cap Barbell FM-504 Review. In point of fact, when a person lifts heavy weights like dumbbell above its body weight then he/she needs a stable and solid surface so that they can rely upon it, and this exercise bench provides you unerringly that eternalness.

Lightweight is another plus point if the FID bench. Consequently, it is a perfect choice for you if you would like to move around the bench inside your home on a regular basis or want to store it by folding after each and every workout. The one and only major downside of this bench which has come into view from the Cap Barbell FM-504 customer reports is the lack of barbell rack. This means your exercise and workouts are only circumscribed to the dumbbells. This is not a very big deal, since anyone can effortlessly perform the various variations of most of the barbell moves with the help of dumbbells.