Celestron Powerseeker 50 reviews


Celestron Powerseeker 50 customer reports


Celestron Powerseeker 50 reviews

Kids who are into science would definitely love the Celestron Powerseeker 50 telescope! It is the telescope that serious amateurs would want to have. This Celestron Poweseeker 50 review will help you learn more about its feature.

The new telescope from Celestron may not be that simple to assemble as it comes with a lot of parts. Its cute design though makes it worth getting. The pacakge includes a .965 inch focuser and three eyepieces – a Huygens 20mm and 12.5mm and an SR 4mm. The telescope also comes with a 3x barlow and 5.24mm finderscope.

If you will be getting it for your kid, you may want to help him or her in assembling it as it requires more care and control than most toy telescopes. It is light though which means your kid can easily move it around. Unlike other toy telescopes, its objective lens has a glass coating. The Celestron telescope includes its version of TheSky starcharting software. Although the product has room for improvement, it is fine as a starter for kids who are interested in observing the moon.

Many Celestron Powerseeker 50 customer reports like that it is affordable. It is something that you would not think twice about getting for your child as they will not only enjoy it but also learn from it. The reversed image provided by the 90-degree star diagonal was acceptable for viewing objects in the sky. Considering the price, the optics were okay.

Although you may think the Celestron Powerseeker 50 telescope is for kids, it can also be enjoyed by adults. The product on its own is decent but with a few changes and improvements, you could make the telescope much better. You can delete the finder scope as it can simply be frustrating for the kids to use and have it replaced with a firearm-style blade sight and a dovetail plate which allows the attachment of a red-dot finder. The Celestron can provide you with a 45-degree correct image diagonal so as to broaden the appeal of the Powerseeker 50. It can also be used by birdwatchers, target shooters and others who may want to use it as a spotting scope.

Its price and features make the Celestron Powerseeker 50 a perfect gift for the kids for the Holidays. If you are keen on getting it, you may want to check out online retail stores. Most online stores have good deals for it saving you money. Shipping is also usually free or at a low cost to make it more convenient for you as the product can just be delivered to your home instead of having to go to the store personally. Compare prices to find the best deal for you.