What Is the Best Golf Iron from Cleveland


1. Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl WedgeBenefits

This is the best rated golf wedge when it comes to maximizing spin.

The Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl wedge improves bunker performance.

Thanks to Cleveland’s legendary Zip Grooves technology, the club has greatly improved shot-making prowess.

The Tour Zip Grooves optimize shot consistency.

The slightly larger head gives you a bit more confidence just by looking at it.



One of the Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl wedge reviews says the stock grips seem a bit slick to the user, but they’re not so bad as to make one feel they would lose their hold on the club.


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Benefits Explained

  • If you want to have the best golf iron from Cleveland, the Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge is always an outstanding choice. This club boasts a laser-milled face that is designed with greater precision and consistency in surface roughness compared to alternative methods used in other products. The optimal surface roughness is designed to deliver optimal spin. The perimeter geometry and weighting are geared to deepen the center of gravity to ensure enhanced forgiveness and stability while adhering to the unique “Cleveland” feel.

2. Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge

  • A perfect choice for golfers of all skill levels, the Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge maintains shot-making versatility and improves bunker performance thanks to the tour-proven C-sole design that boasts a wide constant width sole from heel to toe, which combines with the toe grinds and heel. Thanks to the precision accuracy of a laser in the manufacturing process, the Black Pearl Wedge has four exceptionally calibrated texture lines between each groove, a revolutionary surface texture that delivers optimum ball-to-face friction while maximizing the allowable spin for the game.


  • The shot-making prowess of the club is further enhanced by the revolutionary Zip Grooves technology that creates bigger grooves by 25%, with each groove having clean-cut edges. This characteristic increases the zip and consistency in each shot, especially from the rough. Users love how they can utilize the wedge for all touch shots including low and high pitch shots, high-flying, soft landing flop shots, spinning chip shots and other shots that help you score.


  • The wedge offers excellent turf interaction and plays well to your own player strength. Exceptional at hitting the ball, the Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge provides consistent distance and amazing accuracy each time. Get incredibly high ball flight on full shots, which definitely tower above shots you normally get from typical wedges. See the ball hit near the same spot repeatedly and get good contact very often. Even when you miss the center of the face, the club lets you know quickly with exceptional feedback.


  • Made with your game in mind, the Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge offers the golfer a large sweet spot for a myriad of shots. It gives a good feel on well struck shots, making them soft and clean with awesome feedback. Shots toward the heel feel crisp with the golfer knowing where the ball hit.



For golfers having trouble with their wedge game and who hate to practice, the Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge is designed for them. The Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge offers fine shots towards the heel that are as good as any center strike. The wedge is a solid choice for those who fit the D/D profile. The wedge puts adequate spin on the ball.


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