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Cobra ESD7400 reviewsIf there is one universal dislike across the world driving population then it has be speed traps that are strategically placed by polices forces. Although speeding in a car is inherently dangerous the sneaky tactics employed through the world by the police and other organizations is typically conceived as nothing more than a cash generating exercise. How many time shave you seen a partially hidden police car, either behind a bush or on the corner of a junction? Even worse, those that are fully obscured from view and unless you can prove they were not visible (tricky to do) a fine is coming your way.

It is not just the mobile cameras and radar guns that police utilize, in some countries (particularly in the United Kingdom), there are thousands of permanent speed cameras throughout the country. Oddly enough they all referred to as different terms such as speed reduction measures and road safety cameras. Either way, they serve the same purpose, to catch speeding drivers and fine them, even when traveling on an open road at 4 in the morning when the road is deserted and there are no pedestrians to be seen!

It is no surprise then that technology has been used to counter-act the authorities and as much as those authorities disapprove, such systems are not illegal in the majority of countries (maybe one day).

One of the more recent detectors of these cameras is the Cobra ESD 7400 9-Band Extra-Sensory Radar/Laser Detector has been in use for some time and most consumers are pleased with their purchase.

So what has it got to offer that makes it a good counter-measure?

It features 9-band detection – 4 laser detectors, 4 radar detectors and a safety signal. It’s a dash-mount device that is fixed hook-and-loop, windshield mount that is a suction cup, DC Adapter cable and a user guide.

It is an easy detector to use with an UltraBright display that provides a clear visual alert of any detected bands, keeping you one step ahead and with the advantage.

Get solid on-the-road protection at an affordable price with the Cobra ESD 7400. This simple-to-use detector covers 9 bands, including those currently in use in the U.S. and Canada. Plus, the UltraBright Data Display gives you clear visual alerts of detected bands so you can stay a step ahead.

The laser eye gives you 360 degree coverage. The VG-2 alert/immunity system that advises you of any VG-2 detector detectors, and it cloaks your detecting device at the same time. There is also a safety alert that will warn you of emergency vehicles that are approaching, it also flags up any road hazard areas and railroad crossing that are upcoming.

Cobra ESD7400 customer reports show most users to be more than satisfied with the capability, design and overall performance.