Top Rated Tent for Camping from Coleman


1.Coleman 2000007831 Instant TentBenefits

As stated in the Coleman 2000007831 instant tent reviews it has plenty of room for you and your family.

Its durable construction makes it one of the top rated tents for camping from Coleman.

You will appreciate how easy it is to assemble, and take down when you’re ready to break camp.

This 6 person camping tent includes several convenient features that will help you stay safe and comfortable.



It should be mentioned that this 6 person instant tent does not include a rain fly, and while this does not effective its ability to prevent leaks it may not be suitable for all consumers.


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Benefits Explained

  • Often considered the best 6 person camping tent, you will love the spacious interior that is large enough to fit two queen size air mattresses. It measures10 feet wide and 9 feet deep so there is plenty of room for you and 4 or 5 others to sleep comfortably at night. You will also appreciate the high 6 foot ceiling that makes it possible for you to stand up straight.

3.Coleman 2000007831 Instant Tent

  • This roomy tent is designed to last through years of fun camping trips, and is constructed from a durable polyester material. The fabric is also coated for extra weather protection, and you will appreciate its waterproof design during rainy weather. The seams are inverted to prevent small leaks through the needle holes, and the floor is also designed to be waterproof. The sturdy frame is resistant to bending under heavy winds, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry.


  • Even though this is a spacious 6 person tent, it is still designed to be incredibly easy to assemble and take down. You will love being able to have the tent set up in a couple of minutes, and it can be easily assembled by one person. The frame poles are already attached to the fabric, and all you have to do is unfold the material and extend the legs. It is incredibly easy and quick, which makes this tent great for camping with groups of children.


  • You will appreciate the reflective guidelines that make it easy to see the tent ropes in the dark, and can also help prevent embarrassing and painful falls. This also makes it easier to find the tent in the dark, which is always a benefit when you around other campers. There are also convenient storage pockets inside to help you keep track of your gear, and you will definitely appreciate the wide mesh windows when you are on an extended camping trip with your friends. As an added bonus there is also a mesh opening in the ceiling for more cooling air flow.


Lightweight and incredibly easy for one person to set up, there is very little not to like about this camping tent. Its spacious interior is large enough for two queen size air mattresses, and you will appreciate the mesh openings when you are sharing the tent with several people.


Buy from Amazon for ($129)