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Concept2 Model D customer reports


Concept2 Model D Rower reviewsIf you’re into sports that need powerful strokes of rows to get the adventure moving, you need to train and prepare your body for that. Concept2 has been known in this industry. Concept2 Model D Rower is what you need for that kind of training. Read more in this Concept2 Model D Review.

Indoor rowers train your body for the real rowing part of your adventure. Concept2 Model D rower allows the user to be in full control of the user’s exertion and resistance. The spiral damper allows you to easily adjust the airflow to the flywheel, so you can change the feel of the stroke to suit your preference. Its design also minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel.

This indoor rower also works in low profile with its 14” (35.6 cm) seat height. The Model D also features a quick-release framelock mechanism so that the user can easily separate the machine into two pieces for storage.

Caster wheels on the front foot also allow the user to roll the fully-assembled machine into position. The adjustable footrests on the indoor rowers are designed for quick and easy sizing. The footrests can also accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes. The handle is also comfortable and ergonomic and features a 10 degree bend that allows the user to row with a natural arm and hand position.

The aluminum monorail is also capped with a stainless-steel track to ensure a smooth, gliding seat movement. Durability is another thing that the Concept2 is proud of. The materials used in this rower are tough and is designed to last and withstand rigorous use.
Also, PM3 or PM4 are available in the package. These 2 Performance monitor keeps track of your training.

There are also accessories included in the package such as PM3 or PM4, user manual, heart rate belt, etc., etc., etc.

Concept2 Model D Rower Characteristics and Features:

– PM3 or PM4
– USB cable for connecting the Performance Monitor to your computer and accessing the data off your LogCard
– Concept2 chain oil
– User manual
– Tools and illustrated assembly instructions
– Heart rate belt (PM4 only)
– Rechargeable battery (PM4 only)
– Adjustable monitor arm for compact storage.
– Flywheel design minimizes noise, maximizes smooth feel of rowing on the water

People have used this in their training especially those in the military. It has taken the liking of these people who have enjoyed and improved further because of this incredible tool. According to the Concept2 Model D customer reports, customers were awed by the efficiency and great performance of this rower. They highly recommend this also to those who are training to row in the strong currents of rivers or in the sea that tests your endurance.