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Concept2 Model E reviewsCompact design, sturdy metal body and easy to use the top notch monitor are more than a few outstanding characteristics that help this indoor rowing machine to stand out from the crowd. The Concept2 Model E rowing machine makes the best use of its lean and slant dimensions in order to provide the effective and efficient workout on any kind of hard and well-built platform of your home. This model consists of a high quality monitor and a nice pair of mounted footrests; by using them you will never feel exhausted during the workout.

Some other stupendous specs of Concept2 Model E are a round forward housing that comprises the flywheel and chain, and a central rail that is composed of two sections. Its design is long lasting and also quieter at some extent as compare to its predecessors. In short, it is an exceptional entry into the market of rowing machines which has been proved by the hundreds of positive Concept2 Model E customer reports.

The basic build of the model E is quite large but light in weight. The reason behind its light weight is that most of the main parts of this rowing machine are made from aluminum which is considered as one of the most abstemious metals of the world. It is around two feet wide and eight feet long, although it is highly recommended to place it in the space of 9/4 feet. The height of its seat is round about 20 inches, which is pretty comfortable for nearly all the persons to easily get on and off from it.

The weight of model E is only 69 pounds, which means when it comes to storage then it is extremely easy to disassemble. But it is also true that its connector is made with the plastic and frequent assembly and disassembly could ultimately result in any kind of breakage. The Concept2 has flywheel design which is free from any sort of negative impacts and stress, and it also helps a lot in producing the flowing and smooth motion of rowing. The electronic monitor is hopped on the long arm that allows easy viewing and unproblematic reach to the user, without blocking or disturbing the rowing action.

The best thing about its monitor is that it switches itself automatically when a user begins rowing. This way you do not always have to push the button of monitor whenever you are in mood of workout, which would be a minor but fair convenience. This monitor has the ability to provide the accurate calories, pace, watts, speed and distance that allow you to track your effort and progress in a variety of different ways. Another admirable feature of E model is its wireless heart rate belt. So, after reading the Concept2 Model E reviewanyone can easily say that it is one of the best rowing machines that are currently available in the market.