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ContourRoam reviewsAt very first look, in terms of control and shape scheme the ContourRoam seems like identical to its predecessors. It is a bullet tubular type camera that is about 1.75 inches tall, 1.125 inches wide and 3.25 inches long. On top it has a record switch button, a front camera and some buttons for different functions on the back door panel. However, several close inspections bring out that almost all those above mentioned elements have a little tweak at some extent. Unlike its entry level forerunners which have a wide angle 135 degree camera, the ContourRoam sees the whole world with the help of 170 degree ultra-wide camera which is an outstanding enhancement.

Where the lens of ContourHD was flanked by two laser pointers, this model of Contour has only one laser. Though, it is very easy to position this camera, because ContourRoam’s assembly of rotating lens features the full twisting articulation of 270 degrees, which is a great news for those users who like to mount this sort of camera upside down. On the back of the camera there is a laser/status button. The work of this button is to illuminate the LED icons which are used to check the status of available SD card and remaining battery of the camera. By unlocking the door you will reveal two small buttons which can be used to format the SD card and resetting the settings of camera. Here you will also find a mini USD port that is used to synchronize data and charging.

You might notice one thing that we have not talked about the power button yet. That is because actually there is no power button at all. You just have to push the record slider in forward direction and unit’s power on in order to begin recording. Conversely, you simply have to slide the record slider in the backward direction if you want to stop recording. Different ContourRoam Review and the manufacturer of this device claim that this feature of the camera not only make it user friendly but it also increases the battery life.

A great feature that makes ContourRoam better from all of its previous versions is the water proof ability, which means this camera can submerge at a depth of one meter up to 30 minutes without showing any kind of ill effect. There is a facultative waterproof case which can be used if you want to take this camera deeper than one meter. This case is good enough for the submersion of up to 60 meters. The ContourRoam organizing and storyteller video editing software is free to use and is downloadable from its official website. According to the ContourROAM customer reports, it camera can record the full high definition video at 1080 pixels and at the still photo mode it can capture the JPEGs with the help of 5 megapixel camera.