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Cricut Expression 2 reviewsFor people who are into arts and crafts, definitely a cutting machine is truly a big help. You do not have to waste your precious time in just cutting intricate designs as there are machines now that can ease your cutting tasks. However, since there are a lot of cutting machine out in the market today, it is highly advisable to learn more about the devices available so you can make an informed decision on what cutting machine you should get. One way to get good information regarding such devices is from product reviews, such as this one. In this article, we will give you a brief review of one cutting machine model that you can consider, the Cricut Expression 2. We will discuss its features and specifications so you can decide whether this cutting machine gives you exactly what you want and need. We hope that with this Cricut Expression 2 review, you will land the perfect and best fitted choice for you.

What separate Cricut Expression 2 from other cutting machines are its above market standard features. First and foremost, this particular cutting machine model be connected to your computer very easily. You just have to connect to the free online Cricut Craft Room design software, and then you can start creating with the Cricut images you own. More so, it features an LCD touch screen, which lets you create your projects even without being connected to a computer. This provides much portability, letting you work on your design wherever you may be. The touch screen is big enough for you to see where images are placed on the mat before cutting.

It also provides its user a very detailed view of each image. Furthermore, with the use of the LCD touch screen, you can choose from the offered predetermined pressure and speed settings for most common materials. Added to that, you can also customize the settings to fit your special materials so you can have a perfect cut every time. Aside from these great features, the Cricut Expression 2 also boasts independent image sizing, image rotation, and vertical and horizontal image flipping. All these additional features are very easy to use and handy so you can achieve your desired cut and look for your project.

Overall, with these features, the Cricut Expression 2 proves to be one more than the average cutting machine. It offers a lot to its users so people can create and achieve more design. Basing from a number of Cricut Expression 2 customer reports posted in the internet, we can say that this device surely satisfied its users. It has high cutting performance, and it looks very attractive too. In conclusion, if you are looking for a cutting machine, the Cricut Expression 2 is definitely worth checking out.