Crucial 256 GB customer reports


Crucial 256 GB review

In January of this ongoing year, Crucial released their next series of SDD storage cards. The burnished class Crucial m4 SDD is offering the capacity up to 256 GD which is large enough to store thousands of applications, songs, video clips and ebooks. It is equipped with an elite processor which is known as Marvell 9174-BLD2, allowing this card to write data on it at the lightening speed of 260 MB per second and the reading speed of Crucial m4 SDD hard drive is about 415 MB per second. Before going too far in the Crucial 256 GB Review it is important to mention here that the owners of this brand have been changed and now Micron got all the rights of Crucial and has already initiated the marketing process ways of its different products including Crucial 256 GD SDD.

The best thing associated with this high end storage card is its reasonable pricing. It is available at only $500 which means it is cheaper than more of its kind of products such as storage cards of SandForce SATA and Marvell.

Because of its low price the m4 SDD got an interesting place in the market. Let us dig into the further details and specifications of the storage drive in order to find that whether its performance, price and quality intrigue your mind to buy this top notch 256 GB SDD. When it comes to the design of Crucial m4 then it is reflecting the look of other hard drives of Crucial and Micron. Its external case is extremely simple, with a metal alloy boy which is covered with metallic gray paint.

The outer case of this drive is multipurpose, which means you can fix it in both heights of 7 and 9.5 mm. You can do this by simply removing the plastic shim which is present between the bottom and top cover. The drive can be immediately rehabilitated to handle the mounting configurations of different types. Its width is about 2.5 inches that confirms that the body can easily fit into the all sleds of almost all types. The front of Crucial 256 GD data and power connection of industry connection, though it does not have service pins for the flashing modes of firmware.

According to the different tests and Crucial 256 GB customer reports the buyers who are using it with the Window 7 or any other latest operating system are using this drive with the optimal settings without having any issue. However, the people who are still stuck with Windows Vista or XP are experiencing worse performance of the m4 than if they used it on the most up-to-date OS. The Crucial m4 is a nice device in terms of power consumption. Therefore, it is highly praised by the users of notebooks.