D-Link DIR-655 reviews


D-Link DIR-655 customer reports


D-Link DIR-655 reviews

The new D-Link DIR-655 Router is a reliable device that provides you with good performance and stable wireless signal. If you are looking for a new one at home or in the office, this just might be the right one for you. Here’s a D-Link DIR-655 Router review to help you learn more about its features.

The D-Link DIR-655 has the latest firmware update making it one of the best single-band Wireless-N routers today. It also comes with an intuitive and responsive web interface, guest networking, support for Gigabit Ethernet and an extensive set of networking features. Perhaps its only downside is that it doesn’t have dual-band support which means its SharePort USB port works with only one computer at a time.

The DIR-655 router, which costs around $90-$110, offers the features that you would expect from a single-band home router. It has fast throughput, a very stable wireless signal and many other networking features. The router also comes with D-Link’s SharePort technology which will allow you to turn the USB port into a networked one so that it can support any USB device.

Many D-Link DIR-655 Router customer reports like its setup and design. It looks likeyour usual wireless router except that it has three detachable antennas sticking up from its back that may seem to clutter the network ports. The ports include four Gigabit LAN ports for wired clients, one WAN port which is to be hooked to an internet source and a USB port.

The USB port can also be used to host a USB device to support WCN or Windows Connect Now. Although the WCN is an old technology, it is very reliable in transferring the router’s encryption key from the router to a Windows computer. This means you won’t have to remember the encryption key. The D-Link DIR-655 has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button which is a convenient way to allow wireless clients use your wireless network. This works by pressing the button and opening a 2-minute window in which other WPS-enabled devices can join without having to type the encryption key manually.

Similar to most routers, the D-Link DIR-655 has different blue LED lights to show the status of the router and also its LAN ports, wireless network, USB port and connection to the internet.

You should not have problems setting up your DIR-655. It comes with a CD that contains the D-Link Router Quick Setup desktop software for a step-by-step guide. You can easily put it up and running and connected to the internet and other wireless clients. You also have the option of using the web-based interface. It has been well-designed and responsive making it a good desktop application to use.