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Danby DDW1899WP customer reports


Danby DDW1899WP reviews

Danby is a brand known in North America for its various household appliances. It has a comprehensive line-up of comfort, specialty and home comfort appliances that have been designed to suit the lifestyle of consumers today. To add to their impressive list of appliances is the new Danby Portable Dishwasher DDW1899WP. This Danby DDW1899WP review will discuss the pros and cons of getting this portable dishwasher for your home. This 8-place setting dishwasher is a great and convenient addition to any home because of its compact size. It is 18 inches wide which means it takes up minimum space. You can even place it on countertops for even more efficiency. Its built-in castors also allow the dishwasher to be easily moved. The model is not only suitable for homes, condos and apartments. Its built-in soft water system will actually allow you to use it for remote cottage locations.

As for the quality of its cleaning, you can be sure that the Danby DDW1899WP will do its job in cleaning dishes, cups and other dishwasher-friendly kitchen utensils. If you will be cleaning heavily soiled items, you may want to rinse it first in the sink to ensure better cleaning in the dishwasher. The washing cycle of 2 hours may be too long for some although it cleans reasonably well. Because of this, many Danby DDW1899WP customer reports are positive as consumers seem to be satisfied with its performance.

Although most of the consumers are satisfied with the product, some said they wished it had longer hoses for easier faucet hook-up. It might also have been better if the faucet adapter hook-up is made from metal instead of plastic. Nonetheless, they said the dishwasher is worth every penny because of its good, quality craftsmanship. In fact, most Danby DDW1899WP reviews say they would recommend it in terms of performance, appearance and value.

If you are looking for a home appliance that is environment-friendly, the Danby DDW1899WP may just be the right one for you. It has been energy-star rated and has been considered eco-friendly because of its low-water consumption feature. The Danby portable dishwasher DDW1899WP is definitely worth considering if you are shopping for a new dishwasher. You can rely on its quality as it is committed to providing exceptional quality and value through their products. The company is also dedicated to creating innovative products that will suit your lifestyle. It may be a good idea to purchase the dishwasher online. There are a lot of online stores that have good deals for such products. What’s more, it will be more convenient as the product will be delivered to your home instead of you having to go to the store.